Is the IOC going to do anything about the underage Chinese gymnasts?

Or, is it too politically charged?


Are the Eurotrash IOC officials too cowardly to actually do anything about countries that cheat? I gaurantee they would be all over it if it was the USA.

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    Whatever, there is plenty of evidence that the girls are underage. Do some research so you know what you're talking about.

    The answer is YES, the IOC will not do anything about it even though there is a lot of very clear evidence that He Kexin and Jiang Yuyuan are not 16. So what if they provided "passports"? How hard it is to print up new passports, birth certificates, etc. and hide/destroy the old ones in this Communist nation? Think about what a huge deal this is to China and the lengths they have gone to make this Olympics a success for them. The IOC is ignoring the many public records that these gymnasts are underage, and they are doing nothing more about it which is appalling. Official Web sites in China showing documents of these girls' ages are now mysteriously inaccessible, official media documents and the equivalent of press releases FROM THE GYMNASTICS PROGRAM available to Chinese media outlets that give biographical information on all the athletes have also disappeared, and information in publically-accessible news stories by the Chinese media has been recently changed. Just the "copies of the passports" are presented as proof to the IOC, and they are ignoring all evidence to suggest the passports are not real. China is doing everything they can to hide the truth because it would not only be a HUGE embarrassment, but every Chinese Olympic success would be overshadowed by this scandal, and that is what the world would remember about China in these Olympics. They have put forth a lot of effort to display a certain image to the world (even going so far as to kick out the young girl that sang in the Opening Ceremonies because she wasn't cute enough). This would destroy all the work they put in and they are not about to let that happen. Although there has already been many cases of doping already uncovered, for the sake of the reputation of the Olympics, the IOC can't afford a scandal this big by the host nation. There are many factors as to why they aren't pursuing this, and this is a big one.

    PS - So true that the US we would be ALL over this. It's a travesty that this is being allowed.

    Source(s): I've been researching this from before the Olympics began, and I have a friend that is a media correspondent in Beijing that I have conversed with. The NY Times has done some particularly good stories about this. Also check out this artcle:
  • mantu
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    4 years ago

    sturdy, enable the ioc check out against the chinese language smart employer. they are only putting their existence against the line. i'm helpful they wont dare to get any closer. And its ironic to work out people who used those article and leap into end as their evidence. Its no longer even a evidence, those are what the media pronounced, and many of the time the media is only brainwash their human beings into incorrect issues. They nonetheless have been given no proofs.

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    Its china they decide the type of pepper and how long its been roasting to go into your dish. Its possible the could investigate it but I think its unlikely till we get to 2011.Like Marion Jones it will be a while before they really make any ground.

  • Noah H
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    1 decade ago

    The fix is in. I don't even bother watching this propaganda nonsense anymore. Dopers, ringers, crooked judges and corporate's like watching 1950's wrestling. At least Gorgeous George didn't pretend to be a serious athlete.

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  • jack
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    1 decade ago

    the only "evidence" is the girls don't look old enough..

    good luck with that.


    below, show me some REAL evidence, other than rumors u found online.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Doubtful. Anything to stick it to the Americans.

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