Where in the bible does it say its wrong to be gay?

I am not arguing with religions or gay vs. straight. I am a Christian who sees nothing wrong with either. I just want to know if anyone could tell me this specific verse that says this, as I have never seen it.
Update: Also, this question has been posted in two seperate fitting categories.
Update 2: Hmm. I looked up this verse. Apparently some liberals see it as only sexual acts in the temple? I honestly don't know. I just wish people wouldn't accuse all Christians of hating gays. I certainly don't and I know many who don't. =/
Update 3: I agree that they seem to be more about sexual acts than about true feelings. Please don't think Christians are scum.

Honestly, I think what I truly follow is the 10 commandments above all else. Follow your heart, have a nice day. =)
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