Anyone ever been to Jo Liu for headshots? Other recommendations in LA?


I like the portfolio of Jo Lui at, but I was wondering if anyone on here has been there or knows someone who has? Recently moved to LA and I'm looking for a good headshot photographer under $700. The price is right and the photos look good, but it'd be helpful to know if anyone has experience here. If you have experience with other photographers, I'd also love to hear what you think of them.

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    1 decade ago
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    Jo Liu's photos are beautiful and I almost went to her ... then a friend recommended Patrice Casanova. You can access his site at or

    phone at 631-806-1461

    I went to him very recently and he is an old pro (like 30 years experience). He just moved here from New York and is incredibly reasonable, gentlemanly and works until he gets the shots done - time is not based on whether it takes 2 or more hours. I felt really relaxed knowing that and it helped to make the entire shoot a really positive experience.

    What I really appreciated was receiving a COMPLETE CD of the shoot - he does in studio and outdoor shots - doesn't limit the amount of shots that he will retouch - and BEST OF ALL - really captures the soul of his clients in the photograph like no one I've ever seen.

    Worth checking out ... I am really happy I did! Can't say enough good things about him ... And, want to make sure he doesn't move back to the East Coast so he can keep taking my pictures!

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