How do I survive High School with Essential Tremor.?

I have E.T. and every time I shake my head people think it's weird and they act like I have control over it but I don't so do any of you know how to help me and thinks.

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    1 decade ago
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    It's up to you how open you want to be about it, but it might help to introduce yourself to people and let them know that you have it so that if they see you have a tremor they don't worry and don't judge you. Bring it up in a light-hearted way when you meet someone, like "Oh by the way, don't freak out if you see me shake my head. It's just a condition I have called E.T." That way you don't showcase it as a "Big Deal" and your friends can just see you for who you are instead of the condition you have. And that way, there's no awkwardness if it happens and they're not sure what to do or think.

    Either way, don't let people's close mindedness bring you down. You'll probably meet people who won't be as tolerant as they should, and just remember that it's because they're immature and need to just grow up. Be the better person, and look past them.

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    I have a glass eye and people think it just a lazy eye or whatever. They think its really weird. They always wonder what it is and never ask me about it. I just open up to them about it. They'll understand. If they don't, then THEY are the ones with the problems. I mean, I just don't like to leave people wondering.

    So I would just open up about it. Tell people whats up =.]]

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