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What type of frog is in the grow a frog kit?

I have heard it is an african clawed frog and an african dwarf frog, so which is it? Also, what do you think of it? If you have used it, what are your thoughts?

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    They're albino African Clawed Frogs. Dwarf frogs look similar, but are much smaller and don't come in albino.

    I've never used the kit, but I do have several ACFs. I do know a few people who have used the kits in classrooms, and they usually have about a 25% success rate - many of the tadpoles don't make it to adulthood, but I don't think the problem is the kit, it's just that tadpoles are difficult to raise, fragile, and have high mortality rates in general.

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    Leopard frog

    Bull frog

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    I am pretty sure it is a african dwarf frog

    I had one a LONG time ago so I can not help you really sorry

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    Poisonous frogs

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