steps to become game warden?

wild life game warden. where to start to become one. looking on what to take or do first.

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  • Andy
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    1 decade ago
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    In Indiana we call them Conservation Officers. They have full LEO power and under Indiana code and Federal cooperation can enforce Federal Game laws.

    You had better like the outdoors, be able to swim and like the water.

    Indiana requires a college degree in any subject to be a Conservation Officer, but Pre-Law, Wildlife, Forestry or criminal Justice would look better than say Nuclear Engineering. You then need to apply to be an Officer. You'll need to take an entrance exam. You then need to wait until the have a recruit class. This could be years! The recruit class last any where from 9 to 12 weeks. Here they teach you what you need to know above a normal LEO and weed out the undesirable.

    Once you pass there recruit school the top recruits will be offered a vacant position. They will go on to the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy for basic law Enforcement course. After passing the Academy new probationary officers will be sent out to the Districts and teamed with a training officer until time they feel your ready to patrol by yourself. You'll be assigned to work on or two counties depending on need, but can find yourself working anywhere in the state as well as out of state. We sent two groups of officers to Mississippi post Katrina and seem to send firefighter trained officers out West to fight forest/wildfires through the summer and fall.

    Those that pass the recruit school, but don't have a Officer slot they try to give a job/slot with the Department of Natural Resources to be used as an alternate if somebody doesn't work out.

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  • J.W.
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    6 years ago

    Requirements to become a game warden and how you become a game warden depends on the agency that you want to work for. Visit the websites of the agencies that you might want to work for. Agency websites often provide information about their applicant requirements, about how to apply, and about their hiring process. You should consider getting a college degree if you don't have one. Getting a college degree is one of the best things that you can do. Many law enforcement agencies require or prefer applicants to have college. Having a degree could help you get hired by some agencies. Some agencies pay their officers more if they have a college degree. Having a degree could also help you get promoted during your career. Agronomy, animal science, biology, environmental science, fisheries/wildlife biology, communications, conservation biology, criminal justice, forestry, forest management, natural resource management, range management, range science, agricultural science, zoology, ecology are some majors that you might want to consider. If you are interested in animals and/or the outdoors and law enforcement, you might want to also consider titles such as animal cruelty investigator, humane law enforcement officer, and park ranger. You might be interested in federal jobs such as Uniformed Law Enforcement officer for the United States Forrest Service or Special Agent, Wildlife Inspector for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, or Special Agent for the Environmental Protection Agency. Consider local, state, and federal jobs.

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