How to make a movie?

How does the production process work? I'm talking about from start to finish. I've always wanted a career in film production and was wondering.


And what kind of education goes into directing or producing? Do you go to a college or just get certified? I dont get it.

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    Filmmaking is a collaborative (and expensive) art form, usually starting with a script. The production process is divided into Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.

    Pre-Production is normally the longest period. The producer(s) calculates the budget and expenses, finds financing, projects how the film will make money, and hires a director and other "above the line" crew members, including Production Designer, Cinematographer, and main Cast. The script is analyzed, below-the-line crew are hired or lined up, sets are built, locations found, permits are acquired, props are purchased or created, equipment rentals are reserved, and the cast prepares.

    During Production, all the producer's efforts come together. The director's vision is captured on film or video, with the help of a talented cast and a crew that work together. The cinematographer directs the lighting and camera crews to achieve the director's vision. The director should be skilled at working with actors to achieve the desired performances, and knowledgeable of lighting, camera angles, and editing to know how the shots will fit together.

    Post-Production involves computerized editing or splicing film. Special visual effects are added, color correction, sound effects and foley (artificially created sound), any overdubs or ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement), and music score are weaved into the film. When all the elements are in place, the film is ready for release.

    Smaller films may play the festival circuit, looking for a distributer, while big-budget movies will have distribution already lined up. The distributer gets the movie into theatres across the country and internationally.

    This is an extremely brief overview the filmmaking process, but should give a general idea. Of course indie films have been made with much smaller productions.

    There are a number of film schools across the country, virtually in every US state, that train in all aspects of production, and even programs just for directors, actors or cinematographers.

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    Usually a script is written, a director or production compay or some one gets a hold of the script and wants to make it into a movie, they then cast the actors for it. They do some read throughs and then they film the movie. After its filmed it goes into editing. Then after that it either goes to a theater or stright to dvd.

    It depends really, if you have connections (like if you know someone who is in the bussiness) then that is one way you could get in, or you could go to school. I think any school that has a degree in Digital Arts and Film is good. I'm going to a community college for that degree (i want to be a screen writer )

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    hey that's kind of what i want to do too when i graduate from high school. i think that you have to go to whichever college that provides that type of education. if I'm right its in the fine arts career in film production. the thing that i wanted to do is to be a movie director.

    Source(s): that would be cool one day if we winded up working together on a movie with a lot of ppl helping this become possible. lol.
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