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What's the best graphics video card i can get for a laptop under $1000?

Hi, what's the best video card i can get for a laptop under $1000? I saw a 2600xt with hypermemory, a radeon 3470, geforce 7150, geforce 8400m. which one among these would you go with to game? Why? If not, what other graphics cards could you get?

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    You can not upgrade the video card on a laptop. You would have to replace the whole motherboard with a video "chip" that you would want.

    If you are talking about which laptop to purchase with these type of video card chipsets then I really can't tell you the "cost" involved because that could vary on the rest of the componets the laptop has (memory, sound card, CPU, etc).

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    I can't tell you which card to get, but I can tell you this, laptop graphics cards are fixed to the motherboard and can't be changed.

    This means that whichever graphics card you want determines which laptop you buy, and that you can't upgrade later on unless you buy a new laptop.

    I can also warn you that no laptop will be as good for games as a desktop, especially no a sub $1,000 laptop. If you want to play games you will get more for your money buying a desktop PC.

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    I know Dells have some Nvidia 8800 GTS for a decent value, If you can find one on sale, you'll have more than you bargained for. If you really have 1000, I suggest making your own computer. It should be cheaper, but you really have to know how to hack some stuff. (Vista OS, for example)

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    you may not even be able to install a graphics card, depending on your laptop model. most laptops wont.

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