who's the best at their position?

QB-manning vs brady

RB-LT vs peterson

WR-randy moss vs T.O

TE-gates vs gonzales

OL-walter jones vs steve hutchingson vs jeff saturday vs alan faneca

DE- mario williams or jason taylor or jared allen or osi uminyora

DT- john henderson vs albert hanynsworth

OLB- merriman or bulleck or briggs

MLB- lewis , urlacher or patrick willis

FS-ed reed ,brian dawkins

SS- bob sanders , troy paulomalu , roy williams , rodney harrison

CB- champ bailey , al harris , asante samual

KR- hester or .... hester

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    CB: Cromartie:)

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    QB - Brady, he can do great things with nothing.. see Deion Branch

    RB - Westbrook, he's the best all-around back in the league

    WR - Steve Smith or Wes Welker, Smith for pure speed and skill but Welker is getting better and less of an attitude.

    OL - Steve Hutchinson, he is the running game .. not Taylor or AP, don't believe me? Ask Shaun Alexander what it felt like without him last year.

    DE - Jason Taylor, consistent and a good leader

    DT - Either of the Williams boys in Minnesota, Haynesworth was playing for a paycheck and anyone would be good next to Vandenbosch.

    OLB - Shaun Phillips, and SD's depth chart says Merriman is a MLB.

    MLB - Willis, the other 2 only look good when complimented with other great players. Willis had crap and made something out of it.

    FS - Ed Reed, good and consistent

    SS - Polamalu, ONLY because he stays healthier than Sanders.. both are freaks when it comes to field presence

    CB - Shawn Springs, as a pure shutdown corner.. if you got lots of INT's, it means you were leaving room for them or you suck at coverage. You can see how well that works by watching the last touchdown for the Giants in the Super Bowl and watching Samuel playing for a pick instead of covering the guy.

    KR - Hester, he altered the way KR are percieved.. think about that.

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    QB-Brady Owns Manning Records now

    RB- LT who knows if AD can stay healthy and compete with LT's records

    WR- TO himself said Moss is the one to beat in this league

    OL- Hutchinson less sacks allowed than any of those other linemen

    DE- Jason Taylor more versatile and has the numbers the others don't

    DT- Haynesworth proved hes a dominant tackle when he helped the Titans reach the playoffs

    OLB- Merriman 14.5 sacks in how many games!?

    MLB- Lewis bonafide leader and playmaker

    FS- Reed always high interceptions and doesn't get injured too often

    SS- Bob Sanders big hitter and good ball skills and stays healthy

    CB-(non of these) The dude on the raiders not Hall. But Samuel doesn't get burned by a guy like berrian and can play with smarts not just athletics

    KR- Hester.. Josh Cribs is close though. Everyone Forgets how good the Bears ST are without Hester. Anyone can score with them in front.. Look at Earl Bennett on NFL.com

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    QB- They are both the cream of the crop but if you go with Records or Superbowl wins yothen Brady is the best.

    RB- I would say LT just because he has been doing it for alot longet the AP. I have always been a big fan of LT till he started whining about losing big games. Shut up and play.

    WR- Again both are Physically gifted players. I would take Moss in a heartbeat over T.O. he is another guy that should shut up and play.

    TE- How about Dallas Clark?? lol. I would take Gates because of age and his blocking ability. Both tight ends are great recievers.

    OL- One Name John Hannah. Retired Patriot. Considered by many the best offensive lineman ever.

    DE- Another great group of players. I would take a young (25) yr old Jason Taylor over anyone.

    DT- Vince Wilfork

    OLB- Lawrance Taylor, but he is not on the list. I would say Briggs.

    MLB- Ray Lewis

    FS- I love how Ed Reed plays. If you like how he plays take a look at some old Ronnie Lott films.

    SS- There are alot of great ones here. Rodney has been one of my favorate NFL players for a long time. The heart and aggresion he brings to the game is second to none. His age how ever has slowed him down quit a bit. Alot of injuries as of late also. I would take a young Harrison over just about anyone though.

    CB- Samual is in for a rude awakening. I think he was a system player, and he is highly over rated. Even while playing for the Patriots I felt this way and I am a Pats fan. I like how Both Champ and Harris play the game. If I had to chosse I would say Champ.

    KR- Lol, he is unreal

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    qb-manning, i hate brady

    Rb- LT more proven than peterson

    WR- T.O. cause randy moss sucked when he didnt have a quaterback and TO did pretty good in san fransico after steve young was gone

    TE- gates gonzales is getting old

    OL- steve hutchinson probably the strongest

    DE- jason taylor is the best of them but not the best in the whole nfl

    DT- albert haynsworth cause he is just a whole lot better than john henderson

    OLB- merriman because he is a sack machine

    MLB- Lewis cause urlacher = always hurt willis still getting used to the nfl

    FS- Brian dawkins because he can hit a whole lot harder than reed

    SS- probably bob sanders

    CB- champ bailey cause he's been a great safety all of his career

    KR- well um i think that it has to be hester

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    QB- You have to say Peyton Manning sure he has only one ring but still he has been the best all his life.

    RB- LT he has had several great years AP has had one great year

    WR- I would say neither I think Marvin Harrison is the best receiver he has never had any off the field problems except one.

    TE- Gonzales most TD by tight end in career

    OL- Alan Faneca

    DE- Jason Taylor he has been the most consistent de for a long time

    DT- haynesworth

    OLB- Merriman LIGHTS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MLB-Ray Lewis most explosive linebacker in nfl

    FS- Ed Reed great defensive player

    SS- Bob Sanders the most explosive player on whole defense

    CB- Asante Samuel best CB

    KR- Devin hester

  • QB - Peyton Manning

    RB - LT or Brian Westbrook

    WR - Steve Smith

    TE - Tony Gonzalez

    OL - Steve Hutchinson

    DE - DerriCK Burgess

    DT - Albert Haynesworth

    OLB - Greg Ellis

    MLB - Demarcus Ware

    FS -Oshiomogho Atogwe....8 INTs last season

    CB - Nnamdi Asomugha

    KR - I guess it's hester

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    qb- vince young - he will have a better career than both of 'em.

    rb- peterson - lt has already mentioned of not wanting to play many more seasons.

    wr- andre johnson - if he can ever stay healthy

    te- kellen winslow jr

    ol- walter jones

    de- mario

    dt- amobi okoye

    olb- marriman

    mlb- willis

    fs- reed

    ss- bob

    cb- marcus trufant

    kr- yes..hester

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    1 decade ago

    QB- manning

    RB- peterson

    WR- moss

    TE- gates

    OL- steve hutchinson

    DE- Jared allen

    DT- neither pat and kevin williams

    OLB- Merriman

    MLB- Urlacher

    FS- dawkins

    SS- darren sharper

    CB- bailey

    KR- hester

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