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Who can help me get past William Thomas Chapman?

I have traced back to the first generation of the CHAPMAN family and have hit a road block with William Thomas Chapman. Can't find his parents or any information prior to him. Please help if you have info.


William Thomas Chapman b: 12 Aug 1753 in VA, d: 16 Jul 1816 in Clinton, LA; Wife was Ann Rogers b: Athens, GA (no yr given), d: 6 Aug 1826 in Clinton, LA.

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    Not having a timeframe or location all I can point you to is google books. and go to the drop down menu, select books, then put in his whole name and search. If you don't get information on him, put in his first and last name, then try the location or any other words that would check to see what might have been written and in google's book collection.

    And then, there might not be any records available.

    I like going to the local State Libraries as they have a huge collection of books on locations, like cemetery surveys, Family Histories, county history, etc.

    If you have a subscription to ancestry, they had a lot of references to books.

    Also HeritageQuest has a lot of books online. If you live in Texas you can go to your library and get the name and password for TexShare. A lot of the other states also have online subscriptions so they are called something else, but this online database included HeritageQuest and you can be at home to access it.

    Good Luck.

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    According to entries found through, William Thomas was born in Virginia on 12 August 1753 and died in Clinton, East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, on 16 July 1816. Ann and W. T. supposedly were the parents of Elizabeth Chapman (1780-1854), Mary Chapman (1784-1851), Peyton Cook Chapman (1785-1813), James Peleg R. Chapman (1786-1820), William T. Chapman(1789-1834), Thomas Chapman (1791-1859), Washington Chapman (1795), Allen G. Chapman (1795), and Ann Chapman


    Of course, you will need to verify if each child is a descendant of W. T. and Ann since I doubt if Washington, Allen G., and Ann are triplets. Not one of the entries on gave any information about W. T.'s parents.

    I suggest that you post this question on

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