I'm looking into buying a laptop. Any Suggestions?

I'm a college student so I'll need something with enough memory for school projects, pictures, music, ect...Wireless internet capabilities is a must. I don't know if laptops can work on a dial-up internet connection or not but if so that'd be helpful. Some extra features I'd like to have, but aren't 100% needed are: the ability to write CDs and a built in webcam and microphone. I'm looking roughly at the $500 range. If anyone has any ideas of a good quality laptop that would fit my needs for the price please let me know!

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    Well, there are four computers that are a great steal for their price this week - two from BestBuy and two from CircuitCity. However, it would help to know what activities you would be using the laptop for. Would it be solely for word processing, web browsing, and the occasional video, or would you prefer one that could handle all the above but includes the ability to withstand 3D gaming, video editing, and heavy media usage?

    The first laptop I would recommend is the Toshiba M305D-S4829 from Circuit City this week. I just purchased it last Wednesday, and am typing on it right now. It has a ton of power, like seriously. I was playing BF2142 last night with no problems. It costs $699, but It'll be running strong for a few years before anything begins to become too demanding for it. The sound quality on this laptop is phenomenal. It has Harman/Kardon speakers that are Bose quality. It has 4GB of RAM, an ATI Radeon 3100 processor, which is nearly equal to most mid-range dedicated graphics processors. It support 802.11b/g/n networks. It has a standard webcam (not to mention facial recognition software for extra secured log-ons) and all the other features you need lol. The style on this laptop is phenomenal.

    If that is slightly out of your price range though, I would say go to Best Buy and pick up the HP DV5-1002NR. It costs $679, but it is nearly as good as the above laptop with only a few exceptions (it is actually better in some areas as well, lol). The touchpad on it has a glossy feel which is fine for cooler weather, but if its humid out or your fingers are the least bit sweaty, it becomes quite difficult to move the pointer. It has a slightly better video processor - the ATI Radeon 3200 (the main difference is that it has a HDMI output). It has a slightly larger screen at 15.4" WS. Its half a pound heavier, which isn't really a big deal to me at all. It also runs the 32-bit OS of Vista which will only support 3 GB of RAM, which is fine for nearly everything.I hope this helps you in your quest!

    The next two are right about tied for abilities if the above prices are a bit out of your budget. I would recommend testing each one, and then deciding which one you prefer better.

    The first one is the Toshiba L305D-S5868 from BestBuy this week at $549. It features the ATI Radeon 3100 which is capable of handling many 3D games, and in fact - it is the same video processor as the laptop that I am using. It features a built-in webcam, as well as standard DVD/CD re-write ability. It has a 250GB hard drive running at 5400RPM. One feature that it could improve upon is its stock RAM. From the store, it only comes with 2GB. This can be easily upgraded to 3GB from any computer retailer (including www.newegg.com). It also comes with a user-friendly touchpad as well as a nice blue form factor. Although it doesn’t necessarily have all of the extra-goodies, this laptop is perfect for the common pc user, and comes at a great price!

    The second one is the Toshiba L305D-S5881 from Circuit City. This laptop is nearly identical to the last laptop with a few exceptions. It has 3GB of RAM instead of the two in the previous model. Along with this, it has a slightly different blue form factor. The price is adjusted for the extra gigabyte of RAM - $579.99. Remember to compare the two before your purchase to ensure that the one you buy is more fitting for your likings.

    If you have any questions - feel free to email/message me! Enjoy!

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    I don't know how you are on the security side, but I have a Dell laptop and an ANS laptop for sell. All I will charge you is one hundred dollars and shipping and handling. They are used and I can send you a picture by email. I prefer you not to get a laptop with a built in web cam, because; What happens when you want to upgrade to another? One other requirement; I want you to spread the word about Antion'e Information Technology!

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    well buying laptops can be a tricky process..

    my suggestion would be to look around on the internet

    i have a dell and it is a good computer,

    but there are many different brands out there,

    if you go to dell.com you can pretty much build your own laptop and put whatever you want into it

    i upgraded mine so i would have the cd burner and extra space,

    but if you do decide to buy a dell make sure that you DO NOT get windows VISTA..IT IS HORRIBLE!!!!!

    get XP

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    would recomend the acer Aspire 6920G or a higher end the ACER ASPIRE 8920 it has awome graphics and dual hard disk to store all ur games its a bang for the buck i m currenyly using the 6920 and its wonderful i really suggest u to get either 1 of the acer notebook even tough many ppl think that acer is nt so reliable....... maybe the past few models but these 2 trust me i m a it pro BUY IT!!!!!!

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    i'd get a mac 500$ isn't enough for a good quality computer you should about a 1000$ for a good ltop

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    Check out CNET.com they have professional and personal ratings that people will say what they like and don't like. I have always gone by them and never have had a problem:)

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    For you, I would go for the 3rd one. Its a little bit above your price range but it will last you for many years to come.

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    Best you can get with 500$ but doesnt have built in webcam but have mics.

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    Don't waste your money on an HP.

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