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what is environmental design?

so i have been trying to research, but to no avail. all i can find is landscape architecture, so is that what environmental design is? its not like building houses with environmental friendly items? if not, could someone tell me if there is a job that does that? or would i have to major in architecture then try getting a job that does that? any help would be appreciated!

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    Environmental design is the process of addressing environmental parameters when devising plans, programs, policies, buildings, or products.

    The College of Environmental Design (CED) of the University of California, Berkeley is located in Wurster Hall on the main UC Berkeley campus. It is composed of four departments: Architecture, City and Regional Planning, and Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning.

    Planning and designing environmentally friendly buildings usually requires a degree in architecture or some other relevant design field. Building structures is engineering and construction. Both areas that provide input to the completed project for including environmentally friendly components.

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    In my opinion, environmental design of a home would be on that traps heat in the winter and shades or cools the house in the summer. This is a mixture of landscaping and building, but all ties into being the most efficient as possible. The higher the R value of the structure the more efficient and the less energy you will use. Now green houses usually do these things as well as using green materials. Using insulation made from shredded recycled paper products, non-asphalt shingles, earthen materials over plastics, laminates, paints ect.

    Typically engineers/architects and designers all play a role in building a home that has been environmentally designed. I would start with studying engineering first and worry about architecture later. you will get a more broad understanding of why and how to do things more environmentally when studying some form of engineering.

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    I think what you're referring to is a buzz word concept for building homes and buildings with minimal environmental impact i.e. energy and water efficiency and with renewable, recycled, or re-purposed materials.

    This is a specialized niche field within the overall industries of architecture, design, and construction. Professionals in the field take the same careers paths as any other in their field, but specialize the actual work that they do. An analogy to illustrate: a residential electrician uses the same basic skills as a commercial electrician - they just have a different market and specific operation.

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    As an architect working in indoors layout i will assist you to be conscious of that: - Being an architect is a legally secure profession i.e. you may desire to learn for 7 yrs approx and bypass 3 stages of assessments to then be able to call your self an Architect. shape is the term and architectural layout ability a similar challenge. - indoors layout isn't so regulated and you do no longer prefer such stringent and long examine to call your self one. There are even classes presently in indoors shape - by making use of which they recommend indoors layout with the manipulation of inner partitions/flooring/ceiling etc - so no longer purely the fluffly furnishings and finishes inclusive of paint/paper/flooring. - presently nonetheless architects can finally end up designing interiors and a few indoors designers finally end up working in extra shape and construction oriented jobs. - maximum persons of shape presently is refurbishment of cutting-edge homes so it is not puzzling to comprehend why this occurs. - For me the conventional distinction between shape and interiors is the size of the layout. i.e. architects oftentimes layout homes and leave the high-quality element of the interior atmosphere to the interior designers. So i think that the interior fashion designer is a lot nearer to the top consumer and you get to layout extra without postpone for human utilization. Architects have a tendency to artwork interior the bigger image and take care of the technical components alongside with retaining the climate out and working to stringent construction policies. - in spite of this some fortunate architects get to do the two - Norman Foster will layout the exterior seem of the construction actual right down to the door handles! - additionally the era of the artwork is different. it could take years for homes to get designed, conflict by way of thre making plans technique and get geared up - that may get tedious. Interiors even nonetheless is a lot speedier - the layout and shape all occurs lots speedier and you get to go from undertaking to undertaking extra oftentimes. - i in my opinion love shade and texture and fabric so am chuffed working in extra interiors based jobs - it is a guy or woman challenge. - yet i could truthfully cost an architectural education interior the 1st place - the colleges are all very different be careful - some direction are super technical at the same time as others are very arty. - you choose.....!

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    I think the layout of the house is crucial, as well. South-facing windows, proper insulation, vegetation around the house to keep it from getting too hot.... The list goes on and on. try going to and they have some links there that could lead you to more informative blogs/sites.

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