Linux operating system?

Linux operating system?

in a netbook

is it rubbish? ive always had windows, but want to buy a cheap laptop and this is what comes with the cheap one

is it good?

whats the difference is it just the way it looks - not as good as vista?


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i would be mainly using it for recording songs in my bedroom usnig audacity and a microphone (i.e why i need a laptop)

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    Some people love it, some people hate it. It all depends on what to use the PC for, and how addicted you are to Microsoft.

    Computer nerds like Linux because you can change everything. If you don't like the way it works, you get the code and you can rewrite it. After a while that becomes boring.

    Using it is much the same as using Windows. The basic setup behaves a lot like XP although you can make it do all the things that Vista promised and never delivered.

    Applications for Linux are different. There's a huge amount of available software and most of it is free. That has the advantage that you can try it out and if you don't like it you can try a different one.

    I use both - but for different things. The most useful thing I find about Linux is that I can use it to back up and repair Windows.

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    The term "Linux" refers to a group of operating systems based on UNIX. There are many different distributions, and they all differ from one another significantly. If you have no experience using *nix operating systems, it may just be easier for you to purchase a copy of Windows and install it on the laptop. If you want to learn a bit about Linux, but would still like the familiarity of Windows, you can install both on the laptop, and experiment with your Linux installation as a learning endeavor.

    Depending on the distribution of Linux, it may come with a GUI or it may not. If you have never used a *nix operating system before, you will probably want to start out with some graphical user interface. If you are comfortable with the commandline, though (maybe you are a DOS user?) you may feel right at home under a commandline *nix environment.

    Linux is certainly not "rubbish" though. UNIX is every bit as powerful, and arguably, more versatile than any other operating system in existence. It is used by professionals and home users alike across the world, and is the main operating system used for servers of all types. Asking about the differences though, is kind of like asking the difference between apples and oranges...or OS X and Vista. It's hard to know where to begin. Perhaps the first thing you will notice about *nix is the directory structure. This is pretty much uniform throughout distributions. if you are used to Windows, you may also be struck by how the line between "location" and "filename" is blurred. You could say that filename==location. This can be a difficult concept at first, but you will grow used to it soon.

    Of course, under *nix, you will not have to worry about viruses. Plus, you can brag to your friends that you use Linux as your primary operating system - that's always nice.

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    From a technical point of view Linux is vastly superior to any of the crap Microsoft can put it (and they've known it for some time) and will probably end up taking over from windows as dominant OS around the end of this year if everything goes well.

    The one area where you may have problems is if you need to run a windows application although even there wine can allow for a lot of windows programs to run under Linux. The problems with media codecs can be worked around (doing a search on the distro you get should provide the information on how to do that, it's usually legal reasons, not technical that cause the problems there).

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    Linux Is Free No Point Paying For It If You Get It With Computer Because Its Rubbish And Also FREE

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    linux is way better than windows way less malware is written for it, linux is different in so many ways from windows, it's a little harder to use than windows depending on the distro. you do a lot in the command line and there is so much open source software for linux that are equal if not better than the windows versions.

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    itz good if you are eager to learn linux plus if you are a linux/unix geek...otherwise itz good to stick to microsoft based OS like winxp,vista.

    itz not rubbish.linux is far more stable and secured compared to windows.

    linux has more than looks.itz power is simply more superior to windows.learn will not regret.every software or applications are almost don't have to pay for depends on what version of linux bundled on ur system.

    try out will not regret ! alot of forums for help are out there on Net.

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    well basically, linux operating system is more complex than windows xp and windows vista. Because linux all use commands and you can also get the linux basic, that one, you can use the mouse to help you if your a newbi on linux. i got the linux basic, i don't use it a lot but mine is the basic one.

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    You can make Linux looks better than vista, with compiz, I suggest Mepis or Ubuntu, Linux is not rubbish not like windows, its stable and can look very good.

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    ignore the guy above......Linux i very good...and is getting easier and easier to use.....Linux Is a VERY GOOD OS....its become better than windows in many respects (it is only because of ignorance from people like the first answerer that we are still using windows)....

    .....I assume you are talking about one of the ASUS laptops (the EEE range) These are excellent laptops.....the wireless is great...they are reliable....and VERY HARD WEARING (I dropped mines down the stairs and it survived....well it hit my knee first so it went quite far!)

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    from my understaning of linux is that its very very similar to windows the only differance is that its completely free you dont have to pay for it at all which is prob why it came with a cheaper laptop.

    we use it at work for testing and have no problems what so ever so try it and see - if not purchase windows

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