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Do we have to uninstall the windows operating system before installing the linux operating system?

i.e. do we have to vacant the C drive before installing the linux operating system?

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    No. It can be made to dual boot either Windows or Linux.

    Here's the steps I took (on two machines already):

    1.) Downloaded CD install disk .iso file for Ubuntu Linux.

    2.) Burned .iso file to CD

    3.) Installed the CD into the tray while Windows was running

    4.) The program to install worked from Windows to prepare for a dual boot system

    5.) The machine rebooted and finished up

    6.) Next time you boot, you get to choose with Windows being the default (although it's possible to change that with a few edits of the boot file).

    Here's a link to Ubuntu's bootable CD image:

    Here's a link to how to burn the .iso image to CD:

    Oh, by the way - the Linux Ubuntu wants 15GB free space (just FYI).

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    No you don't need to do that at all.

    This desktop PC I'm using right now has windows XP installed. I also added Ubuntu Linux several months ago. My operating systems are installed on separate partitions on the same hard-drive (dual-boot) and i can select which one i want to boot using a program that installs with Ubuntu linux...this dual-boot program will install automatically when you install Linux. The partitions for the dual-boot are also created during the installation process and it's done without disturbing your windows installation. Just make sure that you have adequate space on your hard-drive for the second operating system.

    Your choice of Linux distribution will have everything needed to do this already built into the installation process. All you really have to do is install windows first, then install the Linux operating system in dual-boot mode. You just need to decide how much of the C drive you want Linux to share with windows.

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    As others have written, yo do not need to take the extra steps. Most Linux installers will give you the option to either wipe out the existing hard drive or make the system dual boot. You do not need to buy partition magic or any other software. The Linux installer will do this for you.

    Source(s): Long time Linux user.
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    You need to partition the hard drive to install a copy onto but you do not need to uinstall Windows. There is a linux build called Knoppix that doesn't need to be installed at all, it runs off your cd or dvd can install it if you want, but it allows for the best of both get to become familiar with the linux system, and programs while maintaining your files and settings within windows.....and if you make a mistake or try something that "crashes the harm, just eject the disc....reboot, and your back

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    Quick answer is you dont have to. you can get some software such as acronis disk director suite, to partition your current c drive without distory all your current data.

    After that you will need to change your HD into current format (for exampel)

    C: Windows OS

    D: Linux Swap

    E: Linux OS

    F: Data (mount to your linux OS....optional)

    Then you can use the boot manager (either from the disk utilties package or from linux), to dual boot your machine.

    You will given a choice when you start up the machine which OS to use.

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    No, you don't have to (although you can if you prefer).

    You can install Linux alongside Windows, and then choose whether you want Windows or Linux from a menu when your computer boots up. This is known as dual booting.

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    no the setup process when you install linux guides you through all this no hassle. you get the option to wipe your window installation from there and put linux over the top or to dual boot windows with linux, where it creates a seperate partiton for linux. if you are new to linux i reccommend the ubuntu distro and dual boot to keep your existing windows installation while you get used to it.

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    No. When you install Linux, it will ask to reformat the entire hd drive. This will completely clear out Windows, making the entire drive available for the new OS.

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    noope, as part of any OS installer there is a drive formatting utility....The linux CD should do it perfectly

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    no but you should create a partition and install it on that

    use partition magic or administrator tools

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