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Movie "Secret Window"?

what did you think of it?

i'd of never guessed that it was Johnny Depp was the murderr

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    I thought it was great! I love Johnny Depp, and he did an awesome job as usual, but yeah I agree, I definitely didn't see the ending coming. The idea of multiple personalities killing is kind of overplayed, but none the less an incredibly enjoyable concept if the movies done right. I would certainly go see Secret Window 2 if it came out.

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    I loved the movie and I thought he was exceptional as Mort Rainey.

    If you really loved the movie, you should read the short story because it has a very different ending. It is the second story in the Stephen King book Four Past Midnight. The first one is The Langoliers, but I think the best one in the book was the last one called The Sun Dog.

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  • I really did enjoy that one, and it cracked me up when Johnny wacked the guy with the shovel at the end.. haha.

    Did you ever notice with the voices at the end, one of them is saying "You've been eating chips this way for thirty years"? And in the book one of Mort/Shooter's stories was "Are You Gonna Eat That"? -- haha!

    Not a scary movie at all that's for sure, especially if you get the DVD and look at the blunders like the ones I mentioned. It's very thought-provoking, at least Stephen King's story in a way.. it's got a lot of depth if you go into it. But I did enjoy this film. :)

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    I liked it I thought it was funny I liked when johnny depp called that guy rubber necker

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    It was great. I loved it how he turned out to be nuts. Normally in movies, I am hoping that noone gets killed, like the person will show mercy and all that, but in this one when he killed his wife, it was like "yay". Pity about the other guy though.

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    I LOVED IT!!! I know, but that's why I liked it, I find those kind of movies to be the most interesting

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    i loved it! kinda weird but the ending was good

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    it was ok -i recommend you watch Identity

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