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bar manager, bar waiter and bartender係做咩 ~~~eng

bar manager, bar waiter and bartender係做咩,有咩野工作要負責,要詳盡


English plz~~~

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Bar manager is the person responsible for the overall running of the bar. his duties includes the hiring, firing & scheduling of bar personnel, stock keeping, promotions, public relations, finance, and anything connected with the bar. he is also usually the licence holder for the bar.

    bar waiter is solely responsible for taking orders and serving customers.

    bar tender is the person responsible for creating making and delivering drinks from behind the bar. he sometimes also needs to socialise with customers.

    the person who is responsible for the music is called the dj.

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  • mvv
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    1 decade ago


    如果你無咩要求, 咁是但去快餐店 / 便利店賺下時薪都OK啦



    我們是美資上市公司, 正在招募產品推廣, 有完善職前培訓, 旅遊獎賞

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    招募: sale & marketing人才

    公司BACKGROUND: 美資上市公司

    : 49US DOLLARS 股價

    : OVER 25開拓市場既經驗

    : 有專業本地及海外培訓

    年介: 18以上

    經驗: 1年以上

    學歷: 中五以上 OR有相關經驗者優先

    到 留下資料 有專人聯絡

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