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陽明山古稱「草山」因其芒草遍布而得名,後因紀念哲學家王陽明而改稱「陽明山」,74年成立國家公園,範圍涵括大屯山、七星山、紗帽山等山谷地區,在園區中擁有地底運動所產生的火山地質及相關火山活動遺跡。 陽明公園位於本市北投區北側,距市區約17公里。日據時期該地遍地茅草、人跡罕到,名為「草山」。台灣光復後於民國39年政府易「草山」為「陽明山」,設置陽明公園。該公園海拔445公尺,為本省唯一擁有死火山地勢硫磺氣孔、溫泉等自然景觀。公園之擴建採中國式庭園,亭、樓、台榭力求典雅,池塘流水、飛瀑噴泉,皆作順應自然,為一自然公園,向有『城中山林』與『臺北市後花園』之稱。

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    The ancient time of Yangmingshan calls that"grass mountain" gets because of its long grass grass time cloth, behind because of memorial philosopher king Yangming and change to call "Yangmingshan", establish national park for 74 years, the scope includes big Tun mountain, seven star mountains, yarn hat mountain etc. valley region, own volcano geology and related volcanism historic relic that underground exercise produces in the garden. The Yangming park is located on this city area north side in Beitou, about 17 kilometers apart from the downtown.Day according to that ground of period all over the place the couch grass, human footprints Be rare to arrive and be named "grass mountain".Taiwan is "Yangmingshan" at Year 39 of the Republic of China government easy"grass mountain" after recovering and establish Yangming park.The park's elevation is 445 meters and save for the origin only own the extinct volcano geography sulphur pore, hot springs...etc. natural view.The extension of park adopts Chinese type home garden, the station, building, set Xie tries hard for cultured, garden pond flowing water, waterfall fountain, all adjust nature, is one natural park, to have"forest in city"with" rear garden in Taipei City" of call.

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