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be slowing faster 是什麼意思?

The dollar's strength is based on a combination of factors;

other economies may be slowing faster than the US, and

American inflation is nearly 6%. That could trigger a rise

in US interest rates, making the dollar even more attractive.


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    文中......may be slowing faster than.....的"slow"在經濟方面可解釋為不景氣的, 趨緩的,生意清淡的...。

    希望能有幫助喔 ^^

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    美元的力量根據因素的組合; 其它經濟比美國也許快速地減慢, 並且美國通貨膨脹是幾乎6% 。那能觸發上升在美國利率, 使美元更加有吸引力。

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