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How do you get the special mission on Ninety-Nine Nights for the Xbox 360?

I have betten the game with all the characters, but my achevements say there is a special mission, how do i get it??

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    The special mission is Inphyy’s final mission against the king of nights. To unlock this secret mission, you must beat the game with every single character than load up Inphyy’s file. Once that has been done, look under Ywa-Ue-Uar and there should be a mission called “Another World”.

    Beating the King of Nights can be fairly difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. First things first, if you can’t beat it, keep killing yourself and eventually the difficulty will be lowered. If you look at the loading screen it should show “Mission Name – Level #” (the # states the difficulty. Lower the number the easier it is). Now, what you should do is make sure Inphyy is level 9 because you need the Seraph Butterfly move. After you’ve become level 9, start the mission and zip through the middle using the to dash. Don’t stop to fight the army of night or branch off and do other things. There’s no point as it would consume too much time. If you have time to spare might as well do it. Once you’ve reached the king of nights, you will see Goblins and Trolls fighting him with an insane amount of army of night soldiers surrounding him. This is definitely a good thing (because of red orbs). What you want to do is make sure that your orb gauge is full, than press , and than to pull of Seraphs butterfly. You have to make sure he’s standing on the ground and not flying because if he’s flying than it won’t work at ALL. It could take anywhere from 3-7 hits to finish him off. If you’re lucky you’ll find the armband that allows for no orb consumption while using deadly attacks. Also, make sure if you see those silver balls flying at you, Dash and don’t stop because they hurt you real bad. Keep Seraph Butterflying while the king of nights is on the ground and you should finish in no time. It’s not a difficult task at all once you get the hang of seraphs butterfly. You can also use your orb spark and it’ll do a very nice amount of damage to him

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