read this people don't be blind this is america!?

I read a lot of very naive statements just now, some people believing the poor in the US live better than the rich somewhere else. They know that without having been out of the country.

Health care is a given in all Western Countries, except ours. The minimum wage was last raised by a democratic president 8 years ago, before a now democratic house and congress raised it again. WalMart makes billions because employees are payed wages too low to exist. The same happens in the fast food industry and other businesses that claim they couldn't survive if they had to pay higher wages.

We don't have a fair, we have a predatory economy where companies can have billions of profit, get subsidies and raise prices too high for people to afford. Our government (Reagan) deregulated the banking system and when they ran themselves in the ground the banks got and still get help, the often swindled consumers lose everything.

We have rich and underfunded school districts, the poor only deserve poor education.

Poor people aren't free! The days when the poor could count on hand-outs are long gone. It is almost impossible to get out of the ghetto on your own.

What's most disgusting is how we treat our military. Supporting our troops should be more than a bumper sticker. Sending soldiers to multiple tours to Iraq is incomprehensible! The toll it takes on the families nobody wants to hear. The way we treat the wounded is shameful. They get discharged so disabilities or retirement won't have to be payed. I don't need to mention the treatment they got and still get at Walter Reed....

There is a tremendous amount of injustice in this country. The justice system favors the rich. In Northern Virginia citizens and legal residents are being arrested together with illegals and thrown in totally overcrowded jails (the feds don't pick them up).

The justice department was corrupt (hiring only " good Bushies" created "Partei-Gaenger"), a first step into totalitarism. Propaganda made us willing to give up our rights garantied in the Constitution.

The voices of reason were called Un-American (I got a lot of hate mail on this forum).

Does anybody know what happened to the Roman Empire? thanks secular humanist

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    In the United States, far-Right Republicans and Democratic liberals alike have sold many people on the notion that the market should be the main force to drive the economy and define social relationships. They maintain that government should stay off people's backs and out of our wallets. They promote rugged individualism and consumerism couched in terms like "personal responsibility," "freedom" and "independence." "Greed is good!" was the mantra of Michael Douglas' character, Gordon Gecko, in the 1980s movie "Wall Street," and those became the words to live by in the '80s and '90s. The philosophy and value of greed was taken to heart by many a corporate CEO, and, over the past three decades, this twisted logic -- underlined by the values of individualism and the culture of consumerism -- has turned back the clock on human development with devastating consequences.

    In terms of the human development index, the United States has fallen from second place in 1990 (behind Canada) to 12th place. This decline continued through both the Clinton and Bush administrations, with the US falling to sixth in 1995, ninth in 2000, and 12th in 2005.

    In certain respects, the decline is even worse. The US is 34th in infant mortality—with a level comparable to Croatia, Estonia, Poland and Cuba. US school children perform significantly below their counterparts in countries like Canada, France, Germany and Japan, and 14 percent of the population, some 40 million people, lack basic literacy and number skills.

    Of the world’s 30 richest nations, which comprise the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the United States has the highest proportion of children living in poverty, 15 percent, and the most people in prison, both in absolute numbers and as a percentage of the whole population. With five percent of the world’s population, the US has 24 percent of the world’s prisoners.

    The report notes: “Social mobility is now less fluid in the United States than in other affluent nations. Indeed, a poor child born in Germany, France, Canada or one of the Nordic countries has a better chance to join the middle class in adulthood than an American child born into similar circumstances.”

    In overall life expectancy, the United States ranks an astonishing 42nd, behind not only Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and all the countries of Western Europe, but also Israel, Greece, Singapore, Costa Rica and South Korea. The US spends twice as much money per capita on health care as any of these countries, but its citizens live shorter lives

    The Roman Empire crumbled and fell.

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    Flu shots are not mandatory. However, in Texas, Governor Rick Perry DID briefly make it mandatory for all girls under the age of 18 to receive a vaccine designed to fight HPV, a sexually transmitted disease (otherwise known as genital warts) that can sometimes lead to cervical cancer, if not treated. The parents pushed back, and the mandate was repealed. The flu shot does not automatically make you immune, it introduces the virus into your system, so your body can produce antibodies to fight it, should you come in contact with it a second time. I have not heard anything saying that there will be mandatory inoculations for the flu virus. However, we already have a long list of conditions that we mandate people be treated for before being allowed to enter school, leave the country or attend things like summer camps, retreats, etc.

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    people are too busy being extremists to realize that its not always the person's fault for their predicament.

    For example, I was born into a poor family (well we're still poor). I work hard, but really... do i have has many tools as the rich kids down the block? no i do not. This is why some form of socialism is necessary: to even the playing field for disadvantaged people like myself.

    I for one am happy that there are people that recognize that i have a greater challenge in competing with the rich folks and therefore reward me for my efforts.

    Source(s): its hard to study when u run out of food; i deserve something for the fact i can still compete and something to give me a better chance to jump out of the perpetual cycle of family poverty.
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    Hearing a military person support McCain is like a chicken voting for colonel sanders. If McCain is so understanding of military personel, why does he vote against every veterans benefit bill that comes before him? You McCain supporters need to practice saying these 2 words, I will type very slowly so you can understand what I'm saying. "PRESIDENT OBAMA"

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    There are a lot of ill informed Americans who operate from the standpoint of emotion rather than logic. It is preferential to those to vehemently defend their irrational beliefs, mostly by maligning others, rather than to face and deal with reality.

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    This post is outdated with regard to the military. They are getting better benefits and even a $40,000 bonus to start a business. As for minimum wage at fast food why do you want the prices to go up?

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    Health care is not "given" anywhere. There's no such thing as a free lunch. It sounds as if you are yearning for a socialist nation. There are some in Europe.

    What happened to the Roman empire? The Romans thought they could all have lunch for free. They got to be too good to do their own dirty work and by the time they found out the barbarians were "inside the gate" it was too late.

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    It sounds as if you belong to that great mass of people who consider themselves victims.

    The Roman Empire fell victim to the Vandals, Goths, and Visigoths.

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    You're right on ONE point, it is America. If you don't like how much you earn at your job, you are free to work harder, get a second job, or get an education.

    Socialists like you would do better in Cuba, China or North Korea. They tell you what your job will be, how much money you will make and pay for you medical.

    I don't want my taxes to go up because YOU can't get a job above minimum wage. WORK HARDER YOU LAZY SOCIALIST!

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    many of us IN the military know that we HAVE to go out there fight and perhaps die for the country AND for democracy and freedom on this planet kid!

    no high wall can protect us form bad guys on the other side of the world kid..not anymore!

    we have NO choice but to go out there and fioght the bad guys in thier back yards if we have to!

    and I am ok with was MY choice to serve..and also of my friends!

    and Mccain undertands that!

    as for me i hate that America can behave like pusses..hidding behind "well it is not our business.." crap...well in todays world anything that happens even on the other side of the world affect us here!!

    and we have to make it our business kid!

    perhaps you should serve with us and learn!

    Mccain understand this! and apeacement like obama only gets us into more trouble!

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