Produce stands or pick it yourself farms in NW San Antonio?

I just moved here from Louisiana and it seemed like there was a fresh produce stand on every corner. Are there some around here that I just haven't seen? The only one I could find is in San Marcos.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is a farmers market on Saturdays and Sundays somewhere near Brackenridge park.I think if you go to they might have the information or also will have it.They've had the news/weather guys there many times.I'm not sure on the address but those sites should lead you to it.Since moving here,I have not found many farmers markets either.Sometimes in the summer if you head to the Selma area they have country market stands but they are far and few,I went there a few times and got watermelon and such but they are mostly local farmers selling out of the back of their pick ups,not really a set place..Good Luck.

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