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Which (if any) online courses/colleges/universities actually work??

I am trying to go back to school to get a degree in Medical Billing or Medical Office Assisting. I have been researching online schools, since I am a stay at home Mom of 3.

Has anyone out there used a truly accredited online school, that a company will except??

I have researched ripoff and some of the schools I've heard alot about have some really bad reviews.

If anyone out there has completed an online school degree or certificate and it actually got employment with it, please let me know what school it was, so I can check it out.


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    What i was told is do not go to an university that is only on-line, no professor to talk too. The are a few of those in MO they will not give you information over the phone; you give them yours and you will be contacted. Call around and find out if you have a person you can talk to if need be.

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    Online education is still not that well-accepted. So really there is no guarantees for any online degree. But it is better than setting doing nothing. Schools which offer serious programs have a well-structured degree programs with good courses.

    One online university you can try is The Scandinavian University of Science and Technology. This online university is based at Gothenburg, Sweden. It is recognized by The European Council of Business Education. The costs for their programs are 30-40% less than other online schools.

    Their web address:

    If you needed more information just contact them.

    Good Luck

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    I was going to go to university of phoenix and backed out at last minute. I also went on one of those consumer report sites and didnt look good, now Im going to community college.

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    May be this site can help you

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