How will my fantasy football team fare this season?

How does my team look. My WR bunch appear weak, but do other players make up for the WRE weakness? I tried offering a combo trade of H. Miller and Parker for a Torry Holt, or Fitz, or T.O., or Edwards. But the owners declined.

QB Tony Romo

WR Santonio Holmes

WR Marvin Harrison

WR Reggie Brown

RB Brian Westbrook

RB Willie Parker

TE Heath Miller

BN Alge Crumpler

BN Reggie Williams

BN Javon Walker

BN Darren McFadden

BN Devin Hester

BN Shaun Alexander

K David Akers

DEF Baltimore

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    Romo,Westbrook,Harrison,Holmes and Parker should put up good numbers. Heath Miller is a good tight end. Akers is OK. Reggie Brown is a huge question mark. Crumpler is getting old. McFadden is a rookie who plays for the horrible Raiders.Williams is decent.Hester will only score if he takes a punt to the house. Baltimore's D is getting old. Walker appears to be finished and Alexander is not in the NFL at the moment. See if you can bag Felix Jones and/or DeSean Jackson. they are certainly better gambles than Walker and Alexander.If you improve your reserves, you have a playoff team. Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i'll give your team a 4 of ten get rid of alexander is no longer in the league other then romo you have nothing

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  • 1 decade ago

    really strong team i think i will give you a 9.3 out of ten

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