How can i help my disabled mother find a place to live?

How can I help my disabled mother? She is very sick from when she was a little kid in the early 70’s she was hit by a car, She was in a coma for a few weeks almost lost both her legs and after multiple surgeries and blood transfusions she managed to get hepatitis A, B, an C.

She has been unable to work almost all her life, and only receives like 500.00 a month for disability.

Recently her liver has really started to go down hill and she is having a hard time walking and getting around the house. She has fallen an hurt herself many many times to the point we can’t risk her to be home alone.

We were able to get her in a nursing home where there is 24/7 care but she cannot sleep there because all the people there are sick mentally and they scream all night and she can’t get any rest. I’m afraid this place is going to wear out her mental health as well…

I really don’t know what to do, none in my family will help, and I have made my mother apply for government aid for an apartment but they city of Cincinnati says that there is no funds at this time to help her.

I am only 21 and I’m about to have a my 1st child with my girlfriend and we are always at work and cannot be at home 24/7 to take care of her if she lived with us.

I just have no idea on what to do, I’ve tried everything…


My girlfriends mother is going to watch the baby while we work. But my girlfriend is taking time off after the baby is born for awhile. I can't afford to hire someone to take care of my mother an/or my child.

Update 2:

also i only have a 2 bedroom apartment. there wouldnt be room. due to my moms medical issues she would need a private area of her own.

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