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What the hell do birdhouses have to do with the Jonas Brothers?

I just came home today, and my sister and twelve of her friends are all making a bunch of birdhouses for this Jonas Brothers meet n greet they are going to.

All of them are only Addressed to Kevin, and I'm sitting here wondering why my house is filled with nearly thirty birdhouses.


ALL of them are for Kevin. I'm not even kidding, when I asked if they made any for the other two all of them just threw me a "your so stupid" look.

Update 2:

wait . . . 37 birdhouses now.

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    its a long story but im going to give it a shot. lol and try to shorten it a little.

    okay in the camp rock movie kevins character is an airhead i guess you could call him. lol and when joe's character goes to the camp kevins character says "can you make me a birdhouse?" to joes character. and in the middle of the movie he asks "hows my birdhouse coming along?" and at the end of the movie it turns out that he never gets his birdhouse. lol

    and at one interview with the jonas brothers someone mentioned that and they were like "i wonder how many birdhouses kevin is going to get now" and then kevin said "yeah we should do like a contest" but im not sure they really are doing a contest. but at the interview he said that they would pick the best birdhouse and kevin would personally write a letter to that person. but im not even sure if they are doing that. cause they might have been kidding.

    but anyways a bunch of fans are making kevin birdhouses and giving them to him at the concerts.

    and by the way in something i was watching on mtv that they were on they were asked how many birdhouses he has recieved and he said that they have wayy to many to count and that at just one concert they got like over sixty birdhouses. so you can imagine how many they have. lol

    hope that helps =]

    ohh and your sister is so lucky yo have meet and greet passes!!! i so wish i had some! lol

    ohh and that is A LOT of birdhouses to take to just one concert and give to him. lol i wonder how they plan on giving him 37 birdhouses or however many they end up making. lol

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    The 3 Jonas Brothers starred in the Disney Channel Original movie "Camp Rock" and in this movie Kevin Jonas has many lines asking Joe Jonas (who plays Shane Gray) to make him a birdhouse while he is away at Camp Rock. In the movie (Since Kevin's character is an airhead =P ) he keeps calling to check to see how his birdhouse is doing. But Shane never actaully makes him one =(

    And once they were doing an interview where Nick said whoever made Kevin the best birdhouse will get a call from them. (But he was probably just joking.)

    and at their concerts they play a song from the movie "Camp Rock" and before doing so Kevin asks the audience "Who made me a birdhouse!?" and some fans can be seen holding up their birdhouses =P although not many people at the concert I went to did =P

    I hope this helps :P

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    I think it might be because of the Camp Rock movie on Disney Channel, which the Jonas Brothers starred in. Kevin was always asking Joe to make him a birdhouse at camp, and when he'd call Joe he'd ask how his birdhouse was coming along. It was pretty funny.

    Source(s): Camp Rock movie on Disney Channel
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    In the movie Camp Rock, Kevin's character always asks Shane (who's played by Joe) about making him a birdhouse while he's at camp. Kevin likes to get birdhouses from his fans. At the concert I went to before they played "play my music" from camp rock he was like "I just have one thing to say 'has anyone made me a birdhouse yet'"

    I hope that I helped you out!

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    In the movie Camp Rock that all three of the Jonas Brothers are in Kevin asks Joe to make him a birdhouse while he's at camp.

    It was like Kevin's signiture line in the movie.

    So like people make him birdhouses and stuff.

    I think its cute.

    But 30?!?!?!?!!?!!?!



    what the hell is Kevin Jonas gonna do with 30 birdhouses.

    But i still love the Jonas Brothers alott<33333333

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  • 1 decade ago

    In the movie Camp Rock Kevin's character Jason says " Make me a birdhouse. "

    I hope I helped. =)

    Source(s): Camp Rock.
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    In camp rock when connect 3 forces shane (joe jonas) to go to camp rock for the summer Kevin Jonas ask Joe to make him a bird house while he is there. He does mention is quite a few times actually saying "Will you make me a bird house?" or "We are talking about making my bird house, right?" Kevin never gets his bird house in the movie, so that is probably the reason they are making them for the jonas brothers.

    Haha, 37? wow! That's a lot of bird houses!

    : )

    Source(s): camp rock.
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  • 1 decade ago

    becuase in their movie (Camp Rock - its awesome!), Kevin asks for a friend to make a birdhouse for him. or is it Joe/Nick asks Kevin to make a birdhouse. I cant remember!!! AHHH!!! oh wait i remember now, Kevin asks Joe to make him a birdhouse because no one will make one for him and he wants more birds at his house XD

    seriously, go ask them if its because of the birdhouses in Camp Rock. I bet you thats the answer

    Source(s): me and my friend
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  • 1 decade ago

    haha, Its Because During the Disney Orignial Movie Camp Rock Kevin Kept Wanting Joe to Make Him a Bird House but Joe Never Did so there Fans are taking care of him

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  • 1 decade ago

    because in the movie camp rock kevin kept asking if joe can make him a birdhouse

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