Where can I find a listing of recent home sales in McKinney, Texas?

My tax assessment went up twenty percent from last year. I don't believe it's possible my home could appreciate that much in value, considering the neighborhood where I live.

I will be appearing before the county tax appraisers to state my case, but I am unable to find for how much "comparable" homes nearby sold. Realtors aren't willing to share this information with me. Trullia.com doesn't list neighboring houses I know were sold in the last year, and zillow.com is utterly worthless; I couldn't care less what they *think* my house and my neighbors' are worth.

Home sales costs have to be public information, just like tax assessments. But where can I find it?


Thank you for your answer, witt11. I live in a county with about one million people in it. Several thousand homes were sold last year; and I don't have the time to comb thousands of sales records to find three or four homes that are similar enough to mine that I can justify the county not raising my taxes. I need a way to sort through all the records electronically and immediately. My hearing is in two weeks.

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    If you go to the recorder of deeds in that district they list every sale ,mortgage lender if there is one. The recorder of deeds is usually in the courthouse of that district.You may be better off searching tax records of similar homes in your neighborhood. I had my taxes reduced by comparing similar homes paying less taxes.That is what I used in my case.

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    4 years ago

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