Can you compose a funny little story that includes these "C" words in this order??


Campbell's soup









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    Just another typical day at my house

    "*Captain Crunch" said my four year old selecting her breakfast cereal this morning! Next my teen son came down and not saying a word to me, picked out a can of *Campbell's soup. Went to the stove and popped the lid before pouring it into a pot and turning on the burner. He didn't say even one word to me when I complained about everyone having to have a different thing for breakfast. Not surprising though. He always gives me a *chilly reception most mornings. "Do you think I could take the Vamoose *charter bus to New York City? My friends and I want to go do something fun before school starts and it's only twenty five dollars each way?" "Good Morning would be nice for a *change, I said "Before you start asking for money, I mean?" I queried. He merely shrugged and reminded me that he would be sixteen at the end of the week. My daughter announced "Mommy, I think I *chap my lips! They hurt!" I corrected her "You mean chapped your lips?" "What ever!" she retorted. "Gee! Kids these days have such an attitude" I thought to myself! Even my baby daughter has learned to talk the talk and walk the walk. Well not such a baby any more I guess!

    Suddenly there was a knock at the door and I realized with horror that the *Chimney sweep, who I had called had arrived exactly as scheduled. Right on time too! Rats! I had completely forgotten about him coming. I opened the door and said "Oh um, sorry for the mess. Come on in. The guy spoke with a thick foreign accent, "Hi, my name is *Cha-Cha and this is my son *Cha-Ching." I am used to weird sounding names having lived in this area for a few years now but these were some of the weirdest yet. I told him the "The fireplace is down stairs." They went down the steps and his son whispered to his dad while giving me a whithering and typically American Teenager look "Woo *cozy!" There was barely room to stand. My daughter had managed to dump, in only a few seconds, every toy box and was sitting in the middle of the floor, painting one of her DVDs with black paint. I just shook my head, stripped off my clothes and ran screaming into the street where I tripped over our new yellow book directory that had been placed strategically next to my mail box.. My husband never noticing that I had just had a mental break in front of the neighbors and the chimney sweep and his son appeared at the front door and hooted out at me "Sweety? What do you want to do with that one?" meaning the yellow book of course. I just stayed where I was hoping for a big truck to come along. I should be so lucky!

    Source(s): Does dark humor count?
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  • 1 decade ago

    I was CAPTAIN of the olympian finger wrestling team. To train for this event we had to go on a strict CAMPHELL'S SOUP diet on those long lonely CHILLY nights at the training camp. We arrived at the camp via a CHARTER bus and with enough CHANGE for midnight sneak attacks on the snack machines and so much CHAP stick that the Wall Street Stock Exchange rose ten points that day. I noticed smoke coming from the CHIMNEY and thought how cozy it would be to sit in front of a fire warming our hands and back sides.

    After our supper of hot celery soup, the coach put a CD into the player. "Okay, Line up," he said as CHA CHA music filled the room. "It's exercise time and we need to shape up," he added passing out finger cymbals.

    So, there we were doing our little "one two three, CHA CHING, CHA CHING," routine. What a COZY picture we must have made."

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  • Mark G
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    1 decade ago

    Captain Kangaroo was having some Campbell's soup because it was chilly and he didn't have any chili. He was captain of a charter boat which took people to the Western Shore of Michigan for a few dollars and change. He was a chubby chap who smoked like a chimney. Unless it was raining hard and the sea was pitching people would dance on deck and do the Cha cha. Captain didn't mind because he knew the cash register and the snack bar were going cha-ching. He settled back in his captain's chair feeling cozy and letting the boat travel on auto pilot.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Dodge City, Kansas

    Circa 1875

    "How Do You Kill A Girl From Hell?"

    "My darling,darling Matt. You will always be the CAPTAIN of my soul, my Major heart throb and all my around General hero!" sighed Miss Kitty. ( I would have mentioned Private parts, but I will try to contain my libido!)

    Kitty Russell's tears added some much needed salt to her bowl of CAMPBELL'S SOUP.

    It was an oddly CHILLY night in mid August. Kitty sat by her fireplace reminiscing about days gone by, when she was the lady on Matt's arm. The time before Sunshine !!

    Her mind wandered back to that CHARTER stagecoach trip she and Matt had taken. They were both in need of a CHANGE and Kitty figured that Hoboken was just the place to go.

    She laughed as she remembered helping Matt choose his wardrobe:

    Matt: "Dang it! The dadburned right leg of my chaps has dried cow dung all over it."

    Kitty:" Pack them anyway babe, and I'll cut it off. You look so <<<hot>>> in those suckers!"

    Matt:" What?! I can't wear a one-legged pair of chaps !"

    Kitty:" Big deal. So you'll wear a CHAP."

    Matt grimaced.

    Kitty:"Pack them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Kitty took another sip of her soup as she gazed at the old photo of the two of them above the FIREPLACE.

    " Dear GAWD I miss the way you could CHA-CHA all night long."

    CHA-CHING . The grandfather clock in the corner chimed the hour.

    " And now all that we ever had together is gone. Twenty years...... Out the window. All because of that half-wit from Virginia. <<<Sunshine MacGillicutty>>> !!!!

    I curse the day you set foot in Dodge City!!!!! Before you came along, I would get all COZY in this room, with two massive arms encircling me. And now look at me!!!!!!!!!!..... Wearing a flannel robe and ratty -*** slippers .....Not to mention the twenty pounds I've put on........"

    Kitty broke into song:

    ♫ " How do you mend a broken heart?

    How do you kill a girl from hell?

    I still love Dillon. I'll always be willin'.

    Do do do do do do do dooooooooooo."♫

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    CAPTAIN Morgan swam across the ocean to get some CAMPBELL'S soup. He was a little CHILLY when he got there so he went on a CHARTER bus to CHANGE his clothes.When he was on the bus he heard someone say "Hey you stole my CHAP stick!" and he ran out the CHIMNEY. Suddenly he broke out into the CHA-CHA slide. "CHA-CHING" he shouted when someone through him $200 in pennies. Then he went to a COZY mansion to get some sleep. the end

    Source(s): me and jess
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