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How does the following evidence make you think differently about the Georgian debacle?

US behind Georgia war: Ex-CIA official

Thu, 14 Aug 2008 23:49:44 GMT

CIA's former senior political analyst Bill Christison

A former senior CIA official, Bill Christison, says Georgia may have received the green light from the US to attack South Ossetia.

Christison made the statement in response to Press TV correspondent's question whether or not Washington gave the go ahead for Georgia to launch its attack.§ionid=...


I kind of like this information because it verifies out what I've been suggesting.

Update 2:

Adam -- Don't be silly. This follows very similar patterns of American behviour through the years.

Maybe you should look up how many countries American activities have ruined. These aren't conspiracy theories. These are facts.

Here's a few:

Death Squads in El Salvador trained by the CIA.

MC-13 - a, now worldwide vicious gang grown out of El Salvador death squads.

Guatemala -- CIA topples Democratic government.

Chile - CIA and Nixon topple a democratic government and position the murderous Pinochet. USA back up his cruelty and death squads for years.

Nicaraqua having backed the Samosa regime for many years creates and trains the Contras to fight the revolutionary Sandinistas. Do you see a trend here.

Panama - propped up the long time CIA asset Noriega until they wanted him out.

Iran 1953 -- toppled the democratic government of Iran and replaced him with the murderous torturer the Shaw of Iran and propped him up for years.

The fact of the matter with Ossetia is that Georgia

Update 3:

.... Ossetia is that Georgia was being militarily advised by American professionals on the ground. America has been instigating Russia for years with its efforts to place missiles along the Russia borders with some silly excuse of protection from the Middle East.

There's lots more and these are not conspiracy theories in the least. Do some research.

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    Few days ago when i wrote in YA that russians found the map, left by georgians in panic, detailed map in ENGLISH and GEORGIAN how they will take Abhkazia after South Ossetia, the best of what i heard was "stop making up stuff" the rest is ***.... and that is about american democracy and freedom:

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    I don't know how valid the opinion of an EX-CIA agent is in CURRENT policy, but something made Georgia launch what, by any account, seems like a suicide invasion.

    Georgia has also resigned from the CIS, in order to pursue membership in NATO.

    The CIS should actually be forming its own treaty organization to protect their unique position as a buffer between Russia and Europe, and from THAT standpoint negotiate for their unique defense needs.

    It is fairly obvious that the neocons considers them "expendable" and are trying to lure them into NATO to serve as a sacrifice to Russia in order to protect Western Europe.

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    there is no doubt in my mind that there was some kinds of a green light or otherwise Georgia wouldn't have attacked S. Ossetia. these green lights are usually very subtle and can be deceiving as well. Saddam thought that USA gave him a green light to invade Kuwait kind of like the one he received from USA to invade Iran. but Kuwait was a tricky one which got Saddam in a trap!

    thank you for the link. i asked questions in that regard:;_ylt=ArPOZ...


    i am concluding that all this was done in order to restart the cold war and arms race. same reason they enabled 9/11. this is really crazy and we let them get away with all the murder?! some thing better give soon! this is like a horror- science fiction movie. hard to believe but i tell you it is no movie or nightmare. please wake up people!

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    The Decider wanting to start another war before his term in office is over. It's a shame he didn't have enough guts to go fight in the Vietnam War.

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    It doesn't change my mind. South Ossetia is a part of Georgia, and the Georgians have every right to reclaim it from the rebels and Russians who have attempted to usurp Georgia's authority.

    But you and I both know that isn't what caused Russia's invasion. It was about Georgia's attempts to gain entry to NATO, and the oil pipeline that runs through the country.

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    Yes well the American troops trained the Georgian army just for this.

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    Rove and Randy Scheunemann were there too. You might know these "project for the new american century " members from their last war. Iraq.

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    Russia is attempting to grab control of international oil pipelines. That is what this is all about. The first headlines about the US telling the georgians to attack came out of Moscow, and our stupid liberal media bought it. Vlad is former KGB ya know. Same old USSR. It's time to beef up our strategic missile defense. As for the former political analyst, got no respect for his anti american opinion.

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    It does seem odd that Rice was in Georgia on July 10th and on July 11th Georgia started their attacks into Ossetia.

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    As a former warrior, I am no longer concerned with the politics of other countries, just our own. Rebuild it, become strong, protect it and its own.

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