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Is this bad plz answer serious vegetarian question by concerned teen?

is it bad that i want to be a pesco-vegetarian? if your a pesco-vegetarian are you a real vegetarian? is it okay to eat fish almost everyday ? and i heard that if your evgetarian and young im almost thirteen and dont report me plz i ask serious questions your boobs dont grow big? is this a myth? wht r ways to be a vegetarian and have big boobs?

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    Your boobs will still grow.

    I've been a pesco-vegetarian since i was 11 and mine have definitely grown!

    Your not a real vegetarian, but its definitely not a meat eater & it's your choice. Do what you want with your eating habits! As long as your healthy whats the problem?

    Eat protein & dairy (there are plenty of substitutes), and you'll be fine!

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    The key to health, in any kind of diet, is to eat a variety of foods and change all the time. If you don't want to eat meat, fine. But don't just sit there and chow down on tuna every day.

    Fish have a tendency to absorb mercury, and eating too much of it can potentially be an issue. In moderation, there should not be an issue. But you still need protein. Soy has issues too. Too much soy, and modern research shows that it can have negative effects. So... VARIETY! Complimentary proteins. Try beans and rice every once in a while.

    To answer your question, why would it be bad? You need to trust your intuition and eat what your body craves. Who cares what "classification" you are. Veggie, Vegan, Ovo-lacto, Pesco-veg, whatever! It is all about you. Forget what anyone else thinks. It's all a crock. Do what you think is right for you and makes you feel better. Don't label yourself. Just do it.

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    Your boob size is not effected by what you eat. It comes from genetics. There is no such thing as a pesco-vegetarian. Vegetarians don't eat meat and fish is meat. So, you wouldn't be a real vegetarian.

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    There is no such thing as a pesco-vegetarian. No vegetarian eats fish ever. Boob size has nothing to do with diet lifestyle unless you are overweight which may contribute to larger boobs since they are mostly fat.

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    If you eat fish then you are not a real vegetarian, you are a pescetarian.

    As long as you get enough nutrients, you will continue to grow normally without meat in your diet. You'll be eating fish, so it's not like you're missing out on anything.

    I've been a vegetarian since I was 14 and my breasts have definitely grown since then.

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    No its not bad although a pesco-vegetarian is a mythical creature, it does not exist. Vegetarians do ot eat animals or slaughter by-products and fish/seafood are animals. Some of them choose to eat dairy (milk, ice cream etc) and/or eggs and that's fine.

    You seem to have many misconceptions about what a vegetarian is and what happens if you become one. I suggest you do a bit more research into it before making any decisions. If it's okay, involve your parents as you are still a minor. They are in the best position to help you, assuming that they will be supportive of whatever you decide to do.

    By the way, nothing magical will happen to your body if you become a vegetarian. You will be as normal as if you still eat meat.As long as you do it right.

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    Boobs will grow to whatever size your genetics dictate. That should be one of the least of your concerns. And do not let the desire for a label rule your life. Eat a sensible diet.

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