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Bell Self Sealing Inner Tube?

I got 3 Bell Self Sealing Inner tubes and I added one to my bike. In 2 days I got a flat tire. So I went to the gas station and I put some air in it. When I found the whole on the inner tube, this blue stuff came out of it. So I was guessing that it was the so called "self sealing." I'm about to add my second inner tube but is there anything I am suppose to know before I add the inner tube?

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    FYI, the bell self sealing tubes are worthless, if you can take them back, buy the thick tubes then buy SLIME, it is the best stuff for that, put about double the recommended amount in and you won't have a problem. To make it better get tire liners, they help a little.

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    Self Sealing Inner Tube

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    I never had good luck with the self-sealing tubes. You'd have better luck with quality tires and tubes and use tire liners. One brand name is "Mr. Tuffy". Your local bike shop can get you these.

    I wouldn't recommend using a gas station pump to inflate your tires. They fill quickly and you could easily over-inflate and have a blow out, which could ruin your tire as well as your tube. The pressure gauges aren't always accurate either. You should invest in a frame pump. Some people prefer co2 cartridges, but I'm partial to pumps. Plus you may not be anywhere near a gas station when you get a flat.

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    Self sealing tubes aren't all that good. At best, they'll seal really tiny holes temporarily. Ultimately, the goop will clog your stem and make it impossible to top off your tire pressure.

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    can I put air into a bell self sealant tire without the extra piece

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    learn how to fix a flat, that crap you put in tires is just a big mess to deal with Or if you are so inclined to get those turfy strips and install them the are alleged to stop flats and they are not as messy and somewhat pollock proof. I must underline pollock.

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