How reliable are the Nissan Rogues?

Hey I am very interested in purchasing a 2009 Nissan Rogue. I spoke with Nissan Canada and for those who were so curious the 09's come out next week! :)

There are some minor changes but what I found new was the black on black interior rather than the 08's gray and black interior. Pretty much he said the interior will be more black? Anyone heard of this before?

My question was the transmission (CVT), I have a Honda Civic 2001 that just had transmission issues, which I paid $2300 to repair. Now, my mechanic and the transmission place said Nissan's are known for transmission issues, however I read that they just made some changes to the transmission a few years ago and came out with the CVT transmission... Just wanna know if this SUV will be reliable and if any owns a 2008 Rogue or any Nissan, and what's their opinion on them?

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    My mom has an 08 Rogue and I just bought an 08 Sentra. The Rogue is built off of the Sentra frame actually.

    First off, both vehicles are great! Personally, I like the Sentra better (since thats what i bought. There are better features in the S model then most other cars). At any rate, the Rogue does have AWD which is good to have in snowy weather.

    The CVT transmission is amazing. It is SUPER smooth, and you cant even tell when you are changing "gears". It also has some nice power in it for a 4 cylinder. The Sentra has 140hp while the Rogue is 175hp. There is tons and tons of storage space and room. As someone above said, the CVT transmission has less moving parts, and repair costs are said to be less.

    I would highly recommend either vehicle. Check out both set of links to see the reviews.

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    I bought an 08 Sentra with the cvt & I love it. It's so smooth and quiet. I did like the Rogue & if my finances were a little better, I would have bought a fully loaded model. It is said that a cvt trans has fewer moving parts. And since gears don't slam up against each other, there is no threat of something breaking as easily. It also stays cooler which helps extend fluid life. Since this is my 1st cvt, I can't tell you if in the long run it's a good thing. Overall, I have always looked past Nissan as an inferior Japanese brand compared to Mazda & Honda. But here lately, they are getting better quickly. The redesigned Sentra looks sharp and I love the Rockford stereo in it. It's sounds so much better than the Bose in the Rogue anyway. I should think the Rogue will be a good vehicle for you if that's what you want. It does look nice & I love the color selections. I say go for any Nissan, I've been pleased myself. G'day!

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    Nissan Rogue Reliability

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    Ask Nissan if they've fixed the minor problem with the CVT.

    I test drove one earlier this year and noticed that the CVT would surge (like it was trying to find a gear) between 20 and 30 mph. It was annoying.

    Also, check and see if they put a lock on the gas tank door.

    What's up with that? No lock.

    Other than that I've never heard of any problems with Nissan trannys.

    Ended up purchasing a fully loaded Honda CR-V.

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