Is it a law against riding a 2 year old on a bicycle with you, without a helmet or some type of restraint?

Well I found out that's what my son's dumb father been doing this. When I told him about how dangerous that is riding a toddler on a bike on his lap like that across busy intersections with no protection. He yelled at me and said he is not puting his son in danger,and that I was crazy. My son's father already has heart and breathing problems. We did get into an arguement about this. Then I've found out he was still doing this when I dropped my son off. So now I let him see his son when I'm around, but never to spend a night again, just because he won't listen to me, and because of the safety of my son. I don't think I'm over reacting at all. What do you think?

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    yes of course it is. This is also child endangerment and he could be charged for it. Its clear that he cant properly take care of his son with out endangering him. All bikers need to wear a helment and the child needs to be strapped in. just as if he were in a car seat. No not at all youre def. not over reacting you need to take control of your son to ensure that he does not get hurt. Sounds like the father has no brains what so ever and needs parenting tips bad.

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    Where I am from (canada) it is illegal for anyone to ride a bike without a helmet, and children that are required by size must be an a child seat and strapped in. So yes what he is doing is illegal, and being a horrible parent. I don't know who you could bring this to but you should, cause it is really dangerous.

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    omg good for you, no offense but he is really really stupid. tell him he can do stupid stuff to get himself hurt, but never ever do something that would endanger your son, and obviously he is doing it on purpose, despite your wishes. also, i would talk to your son, explain to him bike safety, always wear helmets, never ever ride with someone else on a bike, i know he is only two, but most kids still listen. never hurts.

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    Yes there is a law and if your husband gets caught doing it by the police your son will be removed from you and your husband and you both will be charged with child endangerment and he will go into foster care.

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    In some states it is against the law, and even if it is not it is incredibly irresponsible. Take what steps you must to protect your child from this fool.

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    I don't think you are over reacting at all! I can't believe he would be that careless! I would keep on him about it and not let him take him until he realizes that it is not safe at all...and if he keeps it up get the lawyers involved.

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