How get back the deposit from the landlord?

I just move in Vancouver Canada, and i rent a room, they ask me $600 deposit plus the rent $600, We make a contract for one month and the refund of the deposit was supposed to be in two week from the time i move out.

But when i move out they didn't want me to go.

So now I'm afraid that they will never give me back my deposit, i been try to call them but they don't answer the phone, what can i do? Can i go to the police? Why the low protect the landlord and there is anything the protect the good tenant?



yes everything was perfectly clean.

I left the room the 31st of july and i spoke with them the 1st of august and they issue me that in two week i could call the them and go to their house and pick up the check, but now has been 3 days that I been try to call them but they don't answer the phone plus they don't return my messages. Now they don't have my new address, but for sure they have my cell number and my message so why they don't want to talk with me....?

so i start thinking that may they don't want to pay me.

Update 2:

thx so much for all the help, I solve the problem by calling the police this afternoon when i went in my landlord house ....after i call the cops they start to be afraid and they wrote a check for the deposit so when the police man arrive everything was all ready solve....thx for the suggestion and thx to the Vancouver police officer for be such nice

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    Check with your housing authority about local deposit and return laws. If the landlord is in violation,file the proper papers. If that doesn't work, take them to small claims court.

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    In the US the landlord has 30 days to make a full accounting of the deposit. Then we would sue them. Be sure they have your new address.

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    if you left the room as clean as it was when you moved in, and you didn't cause any damage to it, or break anything, then they have to give it back to you. yes, go to the police, and they will help you. it is illegal for the landlord to keep your money if you left everything perfect when you left.

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