how do i privately sell a rifle?

i want to sell a rifle i have but want to do it in a safe way so nothing can come back and convict me if they choose to do somthing stupid with it

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    You can't got wrong with just a dated, signed by the buyer, bill of sale with the s/n on it. You hold on to that then nothing can come back on you. Sure you are not connected now but all the buyer, or the guy who buys it off him and knows, has to say is that you once owned it. Just s simple piece of paper to leave in a drawer for 10 years. You seem to know that private sales in your state do not require a background check so you are OK. If for some reason you want one on the buyer both go to a local dealer and pay the $5 to $7. they will charge to make the call.

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    ah foooey! all these clowns telling you to go to the cop shop is circumstantial . . . it really depends on the laws that surround your home state . . . search here >>>

    find your state and look up the section that discusses purchasing a firearm . . . in my home state all you need to do is check to see if the person is a resident of the state you live in. in fact you can usually sell a rifle or shotgun to someone who resides in a state that borders the one you live in . . . there are exceptions to the rules. It is wise that you record the persons name, the serial number, and the persons drivers license number, and if you want to be pragmatic get a statement saying that they meet the prerequisite for owning a gun. Some state governments are hard core . . . like illinois and the california kalistocracy . . . but others like Arizona and texas are more lenient. click your home state on the map, if you still have questions post back with your state and city

  • Jeff
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    depends on your state. Illinois, California and a few other states require paperwork on long guns. Some state record transfers on handguns.

    My state requires nothing to be filed on a private sale. I do get a

    drivers Licence and write a bill of sale with serial numbers for my own records

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  • Steve
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    1 decade ago

    It depends on what state you live in. If you live in the People's Republic and Kalifornia for example, the transaction must be documented. Sorry, as a person who lives in a free state, I don't know the Kalifornia procedures for the transfer. Call the nearest gun dealer, contact, the NRA, or ask the police.

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    Depends on several factors.

    What kind of gun is it and what state do you live in?

    If it is an AR-style rifle, what configuration is it in?

    Simply put, they CAN'T convict you if you are within the confines of the law. It does vary from state to state, but the NRA is an excellent source of information for that.

    Email me and I can probably help you out.

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    Try this link:

    It gives a lot of good info!

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    basically you need all you need to do is have the serial number on hand and and let the police know about the transaction. provide the serial number, make, and model. all that has to go through the govt. make a bill of sale in other words. also you might want to have the police run a background check if you don't know the person very well.

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    You can usually download a form from your state government's website. I don't know where you live so I don't know the form. You could try the ATF website and probably get a standard form. Might be useful to provide a copy to the local police.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    keep your recite for the gun and have the buyer sign a sales order describing the make model and caliber of the weapon that wat you have proof of sale name and address of buyer

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