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i want to but referral from any PTC site which have 100% referral back?

i want to but referral from any PTC site which have 100% referral back, otehre then because it take to buck time to complete payment request??

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    Each of these sites earn you 1c for your clicks and 1c for your referral clicks.

    These sites all have a $10 payout and they are reliable and do pay promptly.

    They should pay you within 2-3 weeks after request as opposed to 4-6 months with

    You can click the links on these sites and spend less than 1 hour a day. I've been doing it for a while and have some referrals into the system and you earn a percentage of your referral earnings. Right now I'm making about $10 a day. I've got proof of payment screenshots on my blog to illustrate that I've been paid by all of these sites.

    I'd love you help you get set up. You can get started by checking out my webpage or blog and if you need help you can message me through Answers or just send me an email at

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  • baram
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    it truly is a scam. I have not have been given any info and that i won't say for one hundred% fact as i'm unlikely to objective it to ensure, even nevertheless in case you employ only a splash of elementary experience there is amazingly little danger you may get an iPad or the rest out of it... and despite in case you probably did i could nonetheless say it replaced right into a scam. one among 2 issues will take place in case you employ that internet site. a million) You get an endemic or key-logger or comparable software on your laptop which you truly do no longer choose. 2) They sell each and all the deepest suggestion you grant the two to those who will thieve your identification or organization's which will use that info to sell you products. Sorry to ramble on yet certainly no organization could supply out $500-$850 pills for unfastened, they could sell them and earn greater funds then despite survey or grant or style they have you ever winding up finally ends up getting them.

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