When will people wiseup if you let a small group or individuals have rule & control over its citizen majority?

The majority will also end up being taken advantage of and misused etc.

I am refering to USA "our" country and the phony representative govt whom is only serving themselves and corporate business etc.

I am trying to make you understand that for real change in USA and bring us back to a progressive society.

We the people must elimate what currently exist and take rule & control in a shared effort for ourselves the legal citizen majority!

Don't fooled by those on yahoo here say "oh thats mob-rule" NO it is the only way for everyone to have a valid or verifiable "say" in controling our own financial security etc.


No rep gov't rather "well manage fire at will employee's". Community vested seniors with a proven trust record would make excellant managers.

Update 2:

justagrandma Our intentions would be to eliminate the known flaws from taken place and develope means to swiftly deal with any new problems making change all under rule & control of the legal citizen majority.

Update 3:

justagrandma get out of your box of logic of the way thing are and push yourself in understanding what must happen for correct change etc please!

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    I agree! We can only have true representation when men and women of all economic circumstance can run for office. Not the millionaire or career politician that is in the pockets and representing the interests of himself.

    However, apathy is ripe in this country. The President is irrelevant! It is the powers and dollars of the lobbyist who rule in Washington.

    We need to start over to achieve pure plurality.

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    Why should those who are uneducated and ignorant of the political structure and function of the government be allowed to have just as much clout as Joe McGovernmenthead Ph D.?

    I believe the system we have now is the best way to do things, not perfect, but nothing can be perfect. We (all the everyday Americans) elect representatives (who are educated and savvy to government functions) to make decisions. We still have all the power, but we allow those who know what they are doing and want to do it, make the hard decisions that we too would make if we were privy to the same information they are.

    Now there can be corrupt individual representatives, but then it is our duty as voting americans to seek these people out and demand their corrections, or else be forced out of office.

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    Everyone in government should be fired and start with a fresh batch of people who want to get this country back on track. The lobbyists should be the first to get the boot.

    Our type of government just isn't working anymore.

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    As soon as you pull one group out of control, you put another group in.

    It must be some sort of corollary to some law.

    A ruling body tends to remain in power unless acted upon from an outside source.

    So it doesn't matter how they start out the new leaders will eventually prove themselves just as obdurate as the old ones.

    Maybe its because once the revolutionaries die off they are replaced with functionaries and bureaucrats.

    Who want to remain in power.

    I'm sorry you think logic impractical, history shows us how people behave once given power. We haven't been able to change that yet with wishful thinking.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's called Democracy - no it's not perfect.

    But what you're talking about is some sort of fascist state run by old people. Sounds great if you're in the group that will happen to be in power.

    Source(s): For the rest of us - No I can't stand any more Matlock marathons!
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