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Please I need Help! Legal issue with used Car Warranty?? ?

I bought a used car on the 5 aug. I had it home 2 days when it broke down. I paid 750$ To get it towed and the starter motor fixed, Had it home I day and now it's blown up.

My Dad and Aunt have both bought vehicles from the same dealer and not had any problems with them, when I bought the car he gave me the receipt to sign and it had ticked at the bottom no warranty, he said all our cars are sold like this.

I have just searched consumer affairs website and it states is you buy a car from a licensed motor trader they have to give you a statutory 5000k or 3 month warranty on used cars less than 10yrs old and 160,000ks my car is a 2002 hyundai with 109,000ks on it.

Please help I am a single mum I can't afford to pay for a motor rebuild as it is I had to borrow the money for the towing and the starter.

Is the receipt I signed legal? If the warranty there meant to give is statutory?

I'm in Victoria, Australia

Any positive advise would be a god-send

I'm gutted and broke!


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    If the law says he has to give you a warranty, then the receipt is not legal. Call the consumer affairs people to find out for sure. Then go to the dealer and tell him you know the law is with you. He might be willing to deal with you instead of spending a day in court because if he is not, that's what you'd have to do, sue him in small claims court.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If the signerature was a contract of some sort, in America that's bad news. But if you know all that information take it down their and tell them. If not, maybe get a court appointed lawyer or call a lawyer and ask if you have the legal right away. That's awfully rediculous it breaks after 3 days and I think they're fully liable for it. I don't know much about cars mate, but I do know that business is business and if what you say is law in Aus, then take that to them and tell them they better just get off there **** n' do something about it.

    ALSO check the contract you originally signed when you got the cart and read over that real good, make sure that there wasn't some clause you missed.

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  • pipe
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    i do no longer comprehend what the challenge is here. isn't is so straight forward as going to %. your motor vehicle up? they do no longer look to be going to furnish it to you. Or did they locate some style of considerable challenge that they might desire to artwork on?

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