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    1. The industry and commerce organization is a huge market expense

    market. These organization purchase products final goals are use them

    or invest them the production service and so on. Therefore the

    industry and commerce market demand, the participation decision-making

    public figure, the purchase procedure and so on, with the

    consumer market.

    2. We must know the industry and commerce the purchase process,

    understood the related purchase process sells the related product to

    the entire shop employee to have the very big help. The industry and

    commerce purchase process is more complex than consumer's purchase

    process, this may divide into eight stages.

    3. The company can because the interior and the external causes

    considered purchases the new product. Internal reason including recent

    development plan, not satisfactory present situation or mechanical

    breakdown and so on. The external causes includes the advertisement,

    the competition and so on.

    4. The purchase can list the general need with the user,

    simultaneously arranges various products attribute importance, like

    abrasive resistance, reliability, supplier stable and so on

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  • 1.The industry and business organization is a huge market to consume a market.These organizations' purchasing the final purpose of product is to use them or put into them to produce a service...etc..So the need of industry and business industry market and participating in decision of personage, purchase procedure etc., all don't exert a homology with consumer's market.

    2.We want to know the purchase process of work business and understand relevant purchase process to the whole business member sale to have a very great help concerning the product.The purchase process of work business purchases process than the consumer more complicated, this can be divided into eight stages.

    3.The company will purchase a new product because of the inner part and the external factor consideration.The internal reason includes to lately develop plan, dissatisfied present condition or machine breakdown etc..The external factor then includes an advertisement and competes etc..

    4.The shopper will list a general demand with user and arrange the importance of each product attribute in the meantime, like enduring degree, credibility, supplier stability...etc..

    5.The shopper will decide the specification request of product with technical personnel.

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    6.The shopper will choose part as possible list from the list of supplier, and will differ some services or unsteady supplier to take out to leave list at this stage.

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    8. After the purchase center studies various

    suppliers' letter of proposal, can consider with various suppliers'

    relations, the product quality, the product price, supplier's long

    term development, the supplier prestige and so on, chooses the


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    9. The purchase needs and the supplier discusses the contract the

    detailed content, like condition and so on quantity, delivery time,

    returned goods procedure, quality guarantee, service, support.


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    10. The purchase contact customer, appraised and verifies the supplier and its

    the product performance, as well as then decided shoulds to continue,

    the change or the giving up and this supplier's relations. .

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