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(急件)有關ETC的中翻英 可以請高手指正嗎

臺灣高速公路電子道路收費系統(ETC)係以BOT營運方式於 2003年公開招標,2006年正式啟用,其目的在於取代高速公路人工收費方式,節省成本。消費者若要申請其服務可購買判讀儀器(標準型e通機)與卡片(高速公路電子收費卡),並付卡片押金等相關費用。由於初始訂價過高、在強烈促銷期間的價格驟降,及其後零售商價格紊亂不齊的不利因素下,以致ETC乏人問津,ETC服務推廣至今其市佔率仍無法突破交通部所預定的市場佔有率。本文建議遠傳電通些微修改原先混亂的零售訂價策略,將大眾易搞混的訂價統一,例如:公開裝機手續費等基本的價格,讓欲消費者清楚地瞭解使用ETC服務的費用多寡,消除購買時所產生的疑慮,進而促進銷售業績,成功擴大市佔率。


The Taiwanese government resorted to public bidding with BOT to set up ETC in 2003 and it was officially operated in 2006. The purpose of ETC is to replace the manual toll collection and to cut the cost of toll collection. Consumers could apply for it by purchasing electronic devices and pay a deposit. Due to the steep list price, the dramatic decrease of the price during the period of promotion and confused retail price, ETC was rarely installed. So far ETC still accounts for the market share less than the one regulated by the Ministry of Communications. We suggest FarEastone slightly change the strategy of retail price to make the confusing list price more clear. For example, they could let consumers clearly realize the service fee through making the installation fee public. Once FarEastone eliminates the suspicions in consumers’ minds, the sales of ETC could boost and then capture more market share.

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    Taiwan's highway electronic road toll system (ETC) of the BOT mode of operation in 2003 for open tender, was officially opened in 2006, its purpose is to replace the artificial highway charges, cost savings. To sign up for its service consumers can buy the interpretation equipment (standard e-machine) card (highway electronic payment card) and pay a deposit card, and other related costs. Since the initial price too high, strong sales in the period dropped prices, retail prices of disorder and after missing the adverse factors, so that nobody is interested in ETC, ETC services to promote its market share has still unable to break through the Ministry of Are scheduled in the market. In this paper, the proposed Far EasTone Dentsu slightly modified the original chaos of the retail pricing strategy will be easy to confuse the general public pricing reunification, such as: open installation fees, and other basic price, to allow consumers a clear understanding of the use of ETC amount of the costs of services , To eliminate the time of purchase by the concern, thereby promoting sales, the successful expansion of market share.

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    Hi, 以下是依據您的中文原文所做的翻譯. 考慮您已經有相當英文程度, 我暫不直接說明兩篇翻譯的不同處. 但也歡迎您另行提問.

    The Electronic Toll Collection system, intended to be run via BOT method, for the major highways of Taiwan went to open tender in 2003, and its official operation commenced in 2006. The main purpose of ETC is to reduce costs associated with manual toll collection. Customers, whom wish to use the ETC services, will need to purchase both the reader device (Standard E Reader) and the pre paid card (ETC card), plus deposit for the ETC card and other associated fees.

    Such negative factors associated with high initial set prices, significant price drops during promotional period, and non-uniform retail prices, have resulted in low customer acceptance to ETC.

    Since the commencement of ETC services by Far Eastone, the expected market share rate has yet to exceed the target set by the Ministry of Communications. We would recommend Far Eastone to reconsider its confusing pricing structure, and to replace that with an easy to understand, unified pricing for the general public. So the customer can be less confused and can clearly understand the costs of ETC services. Thus the overall sales improve, and Far Eastone successes in increasing its market share.

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