Is a DSL router/modem the same as a network hub? Can I use it to connect 2 computers directly?

I have a Wireless DSL modem/router that I use with my 2 computers. One is connected with a ethernet cable and the other uses a wireless USB adapter. Is there a way where for me to be able to communicate between computers (file sharing, multiplayer, etc)) with them? I once used ad-Hoc to connect to another computers wireless adapter, but wasnt able to "see" their system in my network. I only knew I was connected by the little icon in the corner telling me so. I also tried using the Home Network Wizard and Wireless Setup from WinXP but still nothing....

What am I doing wrong? My ultimate goal is to be able to play multiplayer LAN games.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    To do file sharing it depends whether and how you have Microsoft client and Windows file/printer sharing enabled on each PC, and whether that is blocked by Windows or 3rd party firewall on each PC.

    Also to see something on the other computer, some file(s) or directory(s) have to actually be marked as shared (a little hand under it in directory listing) or there will be nothing to see. You can right click on a file or directory to share it.

    Multiplayer games locally probably have nothing to do with Win file/printer sharing, but may be affected by firewall settings. But you might only be able to use one PC at a time (or possibly specific port forwarding) for the same internet game, unless you have multiple public IP addresses. For example a static IP plan with AT&T DSL would give you 5 public IP's (instead of single dynamic IP).

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    confident, you may desire to create a community to make certain that the desktops to speak with one yet another. counting on what working device you're working, no rely if the two desktops are working an analogous OS, and a few different components, you may would desire to do greater desirable than what i'm suggesting. although, this is the quickest and easiest course in becoming a community in abode windows XP. bypass to "initiate", bypass to "administration Panel", bypass to "community Connections", and as quickly as you get interior this folder, look contained in the left sidebar for a hyperlink entitled "set up a house or small workplace community". A wizard will open that'll instruction manual you in the process the approach. shop on with the instructions, and then attempt seeing if the two desktops will talk with one yet another. additionally, you may would desire to get admission to your router's administration panel and make some ameliorations there, too. study the documentation that got here with your particular router on the thank you to get admission to the panel because of fact each and every physique is different even nevertheless the easy tactics are an analogous. one greater ingredient, that's advisable to open despite folders - which includes your "My archives" - and permit Sharing Privileges. in case you have the different issues after this, make certain which you do make certain your firewall settings and be sure they're set to share with different desktops on your community. Like I suggested, there are countless components to contemplate, so which you should take in simple terms about all those into attention whilst installation your community for the 1st time. i'm hoping this facilitates you, and that i'm particular you will relish your community as much as my family enjoys ours!

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