Is 150-165 pounds overweight or too heavy for a 14 year old? ?

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i'm 14 years old. i'm 5'3 and i weigh between 150-165. i want to lose 20-30 pounds, but my mom always says that i'm not fat or heavy. i also i'm a size 9-10. i'm not sure if i'm more
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  • David answered 6 years ago
Talk to a doctor. There's a lot of factors, besides weight and height, that determine whether someone's overweight or not. I would say at 5'3", you might be overweight at 165lbs. You are also at the age where some girls naturally gain weight as a part of their growth. If you are concerned, definitely get advice from a doctor or nutritionist. Keep eating healthily, and try to get exercise too. 14 year olds I think are too young for diets (you could really hurt yourself) but people of all ages should eat healthy and exercise. Most importantly, if you have a healthy body image, or healthy goals, than it's all good.
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  • Troublemaker answered 6 years ago
    You aren't over weight, but yes you are on the heavy side. (no offense) If you lost say 15 pounds or so you would be just fine. I am almost 5'1 and i weigh about 110. A 5'3 person should weigh about 125-130. So looking that that you aren't over weight as well. Also, i could mean u have really heavy bones. The best thing is consult the doctor. I used to be almost 120 and i cut down on soda, pizza, chips, chocolates- and did very little exercise. So if you taking in too much sweet that could be a reason. If you don't really want to cut down your eating habits you should probably engage yourself in 1.5 hours of exercise every other day. You should jog on the treadmill on a slow, steady pace, but for a long time- because that rhythm helps you lose fat. Also, try sit-ups/crunches or even cycling. Visit the fitness page and see they have any exercises you might like. And, last, talk to your doctor! Don't do any diet plans before talking to a professional.
    Good luck!
    Troublemaker :)
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  • Liana answered 6 years ago
    For your age I would say yes, but considering your height....My advice would be to look at yourself. If you have excessive fat that is noticeable as such then yes you probably are. However a size 9-10 is an indicator that you probably are a little too big.
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  • asan1892 answered 6 years ago
    im sorry to say this but you bmi is over 25 which is kinda overweight.

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  • Zestzima answered 6 years ago
    Well, I don't think its all that bad. You could try to loose 15 pounds or so though. I'm fouteen and weigh 125.
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  • Eliza G answered 6 years ago
    it's hard to tell but my mom is 49, like 5'2" or something and weighs around 126 lbs.
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  • Kenace answered 6 years ago
    yeah you need to lose some weight
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  • zoegirl answered 6 years ago
    im not bieng mean but as a health concern it might be best if you lose some weight
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  • speaknerdytome answered 6 years ago
    Your BMI is 30.1

    * Underweight = <18.5
    * Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
    * Overweight = 25-29.9
    * Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater
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  • Smexy_L answered 6 years ago
    well, your age has nothing to do with your wieght for one.
    its based on your height and bone structure.

    even if you have a "large frame," your still considered over wieght.

    For the height of 5' 3" :

    Small frame: 111-124 pounds
    Medium frame: 121-135 lbs
    Large frame: 131-147 lbs

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