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yearbook theme ideas?

I'm in yearbook this year and the theme we are thinking of doing for the yearbook is superheroes. i need ideas on how to carry that out to make it obvious that that is the theme. anything would help at this point.

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    Thats what mine was last year. Um on the cover, they had the super hero on front with the students picture as their face. (They just taped their picture that they took at the beginning of the year.) There were a couple of polls and yea...hah

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    Comic Book Yearbook Theme

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    yearbook theme ideas?

    I'm in yearbook this year and the theme we are thinking of doing for the yearbook is superheroes. i need ideas on how to carry that out to make it obvious that that is the theme. anything would help at this point.

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    Well, first i have to ask what is your mascot???.. and second what do you mean superheros?.. are you talking about the Marvel and DC characters or are you refering to a genral "superhero". I was never in yearbook in school so i'm not quite sure if you are referring to a COVER or what. But anyhow my idea for a cover would be a sketch (like comic book) of your school and your mascot as the superhero. Perhaps sketch in some other schools mascots as the villians. Maybe have your principal as someone like "professor x" all knowing. Give some of the known falculty or all if you can fit it a super hero costume. For instance.. you have a math teacher.. make her have a special power of numbers.. you see where i'm going.. i would do a whole spread sketch of eveythign you can possible fit in. As for the pages inside have more random sketches or fight scenes on the pages. Maybe for the pages numbers do the bubble with the number in it. Make it colorful. But i'm not sure if you are doing a HS or Middle school year book. maybe that gave you some ideas.

    Have you seen the cover of Green Day's Dookie album. Kinda like that but put your own spin on it.. and have a lot going on. I think it will be fun to pick out who is who in the photos. Below i have the website with the album cover if you don't know what i'm talking about...(kinda like wheres waldo)

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    Do you mean superhero's as in big strong people that spend their says saving people left in right? If so I think that's a terrible idea.

    Here's an idea that's along the same lines. Instead of having the theme as superheroes, have it as "Heroes around the school". Throughout the year, interview people, and ask them what they've done to help out the community, or stuff like that. And the x amount of people you feel have earned it, will get a spot on the year book as "Our school's heroes"

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    That sounds like a fun theme. I was just thinking that most schools have contests to say "best smile" and "most likely to be famous". Maybe you could do something with that like "most likely to conquer villains" I don't know, its kind of cheesy but it could turn out funny. You could also have teacher features where you spotlight teachers and talk about what makes them a super hero. Maybe if you made the layout very comic book-ish that would carry out the theme too. Like have the comic strips going for pictures and have the little talking bubbles. It seems like you'll have some fun getting creative.

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    Well I like that idea!I would try to find a superhero that has most of your school colors and feature him/her mostly throughout the book.

    Have some art students draw the school but in like a animated -comic book format!

    You could do polls asking different upperclassmen about what power they would want if they could have one or who their fave superhero is!

    You could do the school club pics like they're a part of a comic book. Or the staff!

    The year book staff could use their faces but use superhero bodies and say something to really get the point across or the principal could do it if she is up for it.3

    Hope I helped and it turns out well.

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    A word for those on year book- I did it for 4 years straight. And even got the opportunity to do the year book for my class when we were seniors- pick a theme that describes the graduating class.

    When I was a freshman-for the seniors that year we did a music theme. There were music notes on EVERY page, and we made sure that there were extra pages for the musical and band and all of that.

    my sophomore year- for the senior class we did a NYC theme-because most of the class was always dancing, always in the city.

    junior year-we did broadway for the graduating class- because I good portion of them were in the musicals and plays all 4 years of their high school career, or did something with the production.

    for my senior year-we did a beach theme. This was because-we were-and still are- always at the beach.

    So think wisely before you go with the "superhero" theme.

    But if you do go ahead with that- I would incorporate a superhero on every page as a background thing, or even if you run out of super hero's you can always do the colors (black and yellow for batman blue and red for superman) or even things that are related to a particular superhero- like the bat mobile for batman


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    all super heros have a crest -

    all super heros have a thing - one is strong, one is smart, one is rubber, one is invisible, one is fast, one can move time, one can you get the drift.

    catch people in their element science with their smock on, super eater at lunch, sports well that is easy, teachers pet are side kicks. when you develpe the pictures put them in psp or jasc or some sort of picture altering and add a cape, crown, or something to make them a hero like if they are cheering with both arms up put a picture of a car on top...

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