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I found a baby grass snake and I was wondering...?

what do they eat, etc? I have it in a 20 gallon tank right now, but I don't have sand or ANYTHING in it. It's a completely empty tank.

So I was wondering, do I put sand in it? And how much? What kind of lights do I put on it?

I have a bearded dragon, so I should have most of this stuff lying around somewhere.

I'm just clueless with the grass snake! lol. (and yes, I'm positive it's a grass snake)



ok, i might be wrong. my boyfriends mom and i looked it up and she said it was a grass snake, but what i just looked up is a garden snake. it looks exactly like this, except the ring around its neck is the same color as its body:

it's about that size too. so it's too small to eat mice and stuff right now.

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    The snake in the photo is a young DeKay's or Brown snake. Juveniles of this species have a light coloured ring around their necks. They feed primarily on slugs, earthworms and other soft-bodied insects. As others have said, the kindest thing would be to release it.

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    If you are in the UK then grassies are a protected species. They are also extremely difficult to keep in captivity. They will only take live food and live on amphibians (the adults sometimes take fish too). At that age they will be eating baby frogs and toads. I would put it back where you found it so it can find somewhere to hibernate for the winter. If you have a compost heap that would be a good place to let it go. Wild animals rarely make good pets. If you want a pet snake try a corn snake. They're pretty and easy to keep.

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    Depends how large it is.. you could feed it pinkie mice. If you will keep this snake I prefer aspen bedding(get at a local pet shop) and get a large enough water bowl so it can soak itself in it. Talk to a local pet shop for the kind of lighting needed or looking up on the internet. Get two hides for both sides of the tank. Where it's cooler and where it's warmer. You may need a stick for it to climb on. Don't get anything from outside because it can give the snake internal or external parasites. Seek a reptile vet for the snake so it can be tested for worms and diseases. It's best to let it go back where you found it or take it somewhere you believe it would make a home. If you really want the snake, research facts about it on the internet. But I believe best choice is to let the wild snake go back to it's home.

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    Release it back where you found it. Wild snakes should not be pets and it will not do well as one, it could easily die from stress of being caught, disease or improper care. Plus you endanger your beardie's health when you bring in a wild animal. If you want a pet snake buy one or get one from a rescue, it will most certainly healthier and more suited for life as a pet.

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    Let the little baby go =[

    You shouldn't take a wild animal out of it's habitat.

    I would let him go, and get a snake from a store if I really wanted one!

    BUT, if you really want to keep it, If it's as tiny as the picture, it will probably eat small crickets.

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    put the little snake back. wild caught snakes don't do well in captivity. also they usually have parasites (internal and external). you are putting you beardie's health at risk keeping a wild caught snake. also if you have no idea of what it eats or how to take care of it you have no business keeping it.

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    To eat would be:

    common frogs, feeder fish and pinkies

    If it is a grass snake than it should be in water

    take a look:

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