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I want to get certified to sell car insurance?

I do not know too much about insurance, although the person that will be employing me has worked in the car biz for a long time and needs some one to deal with the insurance in his new business. Where can i get certified, does it take long, etc.? Please offer me any info.


I do NOT need an insurance quote or anything of the sort! I want to know how to become an insurance agent. So on that matter, does anyone know how i can do this?

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    I have been an insurance agent for many years. You have to take a 40 hour class and take the Property and Casualty Insurance test that would allow you to sell Auto/Home/Commercial insurance etc. However, you can only sell insurance once you have been Licensed by the state in which you reside, and appointed by an insurance company to sell for them. You can be an independent agent or a captive agent (one that sells for only one company directly). If you need to sell life or health insurance, that would require a separate class/testing. An insurance agent can be licensed to sell in states they do not reside in, but you must apply to that state and pay a fee every year or two and continue to be appointed by an insurance company. An insurance agent is also required to take continuing education once every two years to keep your license. Once you get your license, and you do a different job, you could put your license in a suspend mode so you will not be required to keep taking the continuing education until you are ready to take the license out of suspend mode. If you tell me which state you are from and which kind of insurance you are going to be selling I can be of more assistance.

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    contact your state department of insurance. most states require a license to sell insurance. you'll need to take classes or possibly self study. There is also a fairly signicant cost for this as well not to mention the upkeep. You usually have to renew every two years.

    But defintely check with the state department of insurance as this will give you the most accurate info

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    More details required

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    Whenever i ask a question, even if it's the easiest one, they cannot give me a proper informed answer here. wtf happened to people who really make the effort to write an answer??

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