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How much does perception of a team's fan base have on your like/dislike of a team?

I ask this question because there have been a lot of people talking about liking or disliking certain teams because they don't like its fans. You may have met a fan of a certain team and he/she came off like a jerk or a know-it-all or just ruined your game-watching experience. Or maybe he/she was kind, had a knowledge of the game or helped you navigate your way through a stadium. So tell me, in percentage (10%, 50%), how much a team's fans have affected how you view the team.

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    I've never been good at percentages. It influences me on a slim-to-none margin.

    I really don't correlate fanbase and team. In my mind, they're two separate things. I may think that a loud portion of Red Sox fans are obnoxious and have no clue what they're talking about, but those fans are not what makes me dislike the Red Sox. On the opposite side, I sympathize with and respect Pirates fans, but that doesn't make me like or dislike the team.

    So, basically, a fanbase doesn't really influence my opinion of a team. How fans act may influence my opinion of a fanbase, but not a team itself.

  • The only team I hate because of their fans is the White Sox, but it's not the only reason. I like the rivalry between the Cardinals and the Brewers but I have nothing against their fans. Most of them are pretty respectful and know it's all just fun and games. I'd say outside the White Sox any team I dislike has nothing to do with their fan base, although some fans make their teams fans look bad.

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    At least 50% I'd say. After all, a team is a team ... and except for certain notable exceptions (e.g. Al Davis) the teams themselves are just teams, and they all want to win.

    On the other hand, it's the insufferable Eagles or Cowboys or Yankees or Penguins fans that will turn me off a team...

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    Well not really

    Mainly because I already know whether I like a team or not and the Fan Base doesnt really make a difference

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  • BC
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    Not much for me really! A lot of people dislike the yankees because they think the fanbase is a bunch of frontrunners. Honestly i only dislike a team if they affect the yankees in a negative way.


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    it Affects almost 50% Percent , but i have seen some Fans that make the team look like crap, and some fans that prove me wrong

    and some Fans make the YANKEES Look bad and fans you and me Make that some YANKEE Fans are nice and smart

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    Zero percent. To me fans are the same everywhere and their feelings and/or actions are of no concern to me with respect to teams and players I like and my attraction to the game of baseball.

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    Since I'm pretty sure our perception of just a few fans cannot generalize our view of thousands of others.

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