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Vietnamese song, please translate for me?

I really like this song, but don't know what is the meaning of the lyric. Please, help me translate? it sounds melancholic and deep, yet more western than typical Vietnamese folk songs...

Rừng Xưa Đã Khép

Ta thấy em trong tiền kiếp với cọng buồn cỏ cây

Ta thấy em đang ngồi khóc khi rừng chiều đổ mưa

Rừng thu lá úa em vẫn chưa về

Rừng đông cuốn gió em đứng bơ vơ

Ta thấy em trongtiền kiếp với mặt trời lẻ loi

Ta thấy em đang ngồi hát khi rừng về nhiều mây

Rừng thu thay lá mưa bay buồn rầu

Rừng đông buốt giá mưa bay dạt dào

Ta vẫn mong ta chờ mãi trên từng ngày quạnh hiu

Ta vẫn mong em về đây cho đời đầy cuộc vui

Mùa xuân đã đến em hãy quay về

Rừng xưa đã khép em hãy ra đi

I heard it from The Vertical Ray of The Sun, great movie.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    well I would love to help you to translate this song but my English is pretty poor.Anyway I'll try :D I also like the lyric

    the forest with memories is closed

    I can see you in former with plants and trees glowering halm.

    I can see you crying in that forest when it started raining

    You didnt come back yet though there are a lot of yellow leaves in that forest

    you are there alone though There is a winter wind in the forest

    I can see you -the lonely sun

    I can see you singing in the forest in cloudy day

    The autumn forest is changing their leaves,there is a sad rain

    The forest in the winter with the downpour

    I am waiting I still wait in those lonely days

    I still hope you can come back to make me happy

    Spring has come so Come back to me

    The forest with memories is closed,Leave please

    ^^! i didnt use that website but there is a website you can translate it from vietnamese to english or from english to vnamese

  • ?
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    Trinh Cong Son Lyrics

  • Sage
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    this song was wrote by Trịnh Công Sơn, the greatest Vietnamese musicial ever, who has not only talent in many kinds of art, but also a beautiful soul and experiences of life. I'm a fan of him.

    I'm really sorry I can't translate that for you. You know, Vietnamese is a hard language, expecially the lyrics, and expecially the lyrics of Trinh Cong Son's songs. They are difficult to understand, and sound poetical.

    If you love that song, I think you also love another songs by Trinh Cong Son. They are all greatest Vietnamese songs.

    Hạ trắng (White summer)

    Biển nhớ

    Diễm xưa

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i wrote that song!

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