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why won't my ex steeplechaser jump anything?

I have a beautiful 16.3 ex chaser and although I have only had him a few weeks he refuses to even jump a cross pole. When he was raced they ran him in sheepskin cheek piece type blinkers and I was wondering if this is why. I bought him with the intention of retraing him for low level eventing pre novice or novice but this now seems unlikely even though his flat work is really good and he has learnt quickly and works in a super outline and is responsive.


before I bought him I had him fully 5 staged vetted and he has no injuries or old racing injuries his race record showed that he never fell either. This seems to be a behavial problem not a medical one. Does anyone know how I can make jumping fun for him as he can be lazy and un motivated at times?

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  • zakiit
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    I think he could be unused to jumping so slowly! Remember chasers have to jump at speed, and in company.

    Start out as if he was a novice and start with poles around the school, singly and in groups of 3 or more. Let him have a good look at those and go over them until he does not bother.

    Next try a cross pole at the end of the line of poles and in trot try those.

    And get some lessons. Maybe you have not jelled yet. It does take a few months sometimes to jell with a horse and work out how they tick. Do not despair.

    When the opportunity arises take him out cubbing or drag hunting. That way he might get more confidence in himself and you.

    Good luck.

  • Driver
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    It's probably all new to him if he is only used to jumping when following a crowd of horses (I'm assuming he was in the back of the pack since he was sold into a new career). You should try doing very small jumps, crossrails, while following behind another horse/rider. If that works, gradually increase your following distance until you're pretty much jumping it without following another horse.

    I guess the blinkers could have something to do with it, but I think it's more likely that he's only used to jumping when the herd instinct kicks in.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Contact the seller and get the scoop on the sheepskin cheek piece, it could just be a nose roll, which gets him to look up and beyond the jumps.

    #2. Maybe he is sick of it and that is why he is an, EX steeplechaser

  • Anonymous
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    Try using the equipment they used and see if he jumps at all. If not you may have been sold a dud horse. Did the sellers state why they were selling him? Perhaps he had a bad experience involving jumping and that is the reason for selling him. Also have his hooves checked. My arab mare was an amazing jumper than suddenly stopped wanting to do it all together. On a visit from the farrier we asked him to take a look and he said she had bruised soles. We put different shoes on her and now shes dandy.

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  • KoKo
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    You may have to re-train him and go back to basics with poles. good luck

    edit - he may have been retired from steeplechasing due to an injury that prevents him from jumping and sold to you without telling you. Get him properly vetted

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    It looks like he may be fed up of jumping and that's why he is an ex steeplechaser,Or maybe something is hurting him like a saddle or his back and this maybe why he doesn't want to jump


  • Anonymous
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    Sometimes with things like steeple chasing, they break and jump the horses as young as two years old. Maybe its scared or sick of jumping after doing it for years and from a very young age, give it a break, let it get more used to you and in time try again.

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    the poor bugger probably had a hard life, maybe he is sore, or else he had a scary experience jumpin and is scared. just have patience, and persevere with it.

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    they probably overworked him and he just doesn't want to anymore or it could be hurting him. This happened with my TB and now we just do dressage and he's perfect.

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