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8th grade astronomy???

i guess im taking astronomy this year cuz there was nothin

so wat is it about (well i know like stars and stuff haha duh) but like how hard will it be? i have a 4.0 gpa so if that helps...

srry this isnt a very put together question but i just woke up and f i dont ask it now im gonna

and how much hw do u think i will have??

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    astronomy is the best kind of science! it's not that hard. but you have to know about 3 different types of galaxies: irregular, elliptical, and spiral. of course we live in the milky way, so its a spiral galaxy. =) also know about meteors, meteorites, and meteoroids. they are NOT the same!! astronomy is interesting. you'll learn about:



    the 9 planets and their features

    the big bang theory






    the sun

    I dont know about you but i had ALOT of homework. sometimes, she gave us so much, i didnt bother even doin it =)

    Source(s): finished 8th grade in one peice, imma freshman!
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    darling, maximum colleges do no longer practice those matters in eighth grade. Im fairly optimistic those are college classes. We dont initiate algebra till finally eighth, and freshman twelve months we do geo and then it relies upon on how sturdy we are at math if we willl be waiting to take calculus.

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    It's not that hard if you have a good memory, as you need to memorize the names of stars, formation of common constellations and where to find them and how to read star charts. You also need to be good in math to calculate distances of stars and convert from light-years into other measurements.

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    um sorry u don't pick your classes in middle school, not till high school unless the school placed you in that class

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