What will China do when they lose their gold medals?

Now that China has to investigate the gymnastic team's ages, what is China going to do since they cheated with Kexin He?


South Korea isn't even in the top three for the medal count. What do you mean? (not being sarcastic)

Update 2:

The USA is in the lead over Japan for the medal count and I'm American.

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    1 decade ago
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    South Korea has 23 medals.....The USA has 72. I don't think that puts them ahead of us...

    Since that idiot's answer had absolutely nothing to do with the question, I'll answer it.

    Even though the Chinese government is cheating by having these underage kids compete, there is nothing that anyone is going to do about it. The FIG and IOC both have stated that they are happy with the evidence that China has submitted and they will not investigate further into the matter.

    Source(s): The whole world now has a different way of looking at China's cheating a$$es.
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    Ive heard lately that there are a few protests approximately that complete ordeal and that the olympic commitee is disturbing evidence in their a long time via the top of subsequent month however theyll regularly simply falsify the records. What received me used to be that one of the vital ladies honestly had her again tooth lacking which might be regularly her twelve yr molars and individuals more often than not lose the ones among 12 and thirteen. Of couese however it sort of makes me unhappy for the ones ladies considering the fact that gold medals for them approach a condominium for his or her households and a feasible method out of poverty, so both method you appear at it any one will get screwed, whether or not its out of a medal for the Americans or out of a condominium for the Chinese. China particularly fuc|{ed matters up for plenty of individuals this move round.

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    I think its PRETTY obvious that China did not think the LIE through when they created a fake passport for her!! If they had then they would have removed all ONLINE evidence of her real age and Date of Birth!! Her real date of birth is January 1, 1994. It just goes to show how far the Chinese government will go, after all they treat there own people like Sh-t why should the rest of the world be any different?!! I guess this is what happens when lieing becomes a way of life for your Government!

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    1 decade ago

    Oh....same thing as usual. Japanese-Chinese animosity.

    How did South Korea get ahead of you in this Olympics?

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