James blake doesn't want to learn, from a professional instead he prefer to speak evil, and which?

Fernando Gonzales no rest, El Viñamarino, better know as "El Bombardero de Viña", The Bomber of Viña de el mar", is well known for his Bombardments qualities to play tennis. or is mr. Blake mad that Fernando Gonzalez, RIPS him a new Colon? 4-6, 7-5, 11-9,
Update: http://sports.yahoo.com/olympics/beijing... bad, negative and bias report, notice blake Evil face.
Update 2: curtis i don't need to know about sports to know about a the better human nature in a man.
Update 3: Goldi Gentiles aren't gentlemans, they aren't even Gentelis.
Update 4: JA is this what you mean by the saying, : you say tometo I say tomato????
Update 5: anna, although he have a new Colon!!!!!, and you know he like it!
Update 6: Gdidn't cheeted, the judge didn't see it!
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